Levels »

Chapter 01: Trial Run
Syndicate Warehouse
Chapter 02: Engines Of Evil
Manufacturing Plant
Chapter 03: Puzzle Pieces
Bio-Research Lab
Chapter 04: Tiger By The Tail
Airport Assault
Chapter 05: Hot Pursuit
Airport Cargo Hangars
Chapter 06: Counterattack
TCTF Headquarters
Chapter 07: A Friend In Need
Atmospheric Conversion Center
Chapter 08: An Innocent Life
Atmospheric Conversion Center
Chapter 09: Truth And Consequences
Regional State Building
Chapter 10: Cat And Mouse
Chapter 11: Dream Diver
Dr. Hasegawa's Lab
Chapter 12: Sins Of The Father
TCTF Science Prison #112
Chapter 13: Phoenix Rising
TCTF Headquarters
Chapter 14: Dawn Of The Chrysalis
Syndicate Mountain Compound