Levels » Chapter 04: Tiger By The Tail

Fight Muro

Delete lines:
playback BoothMuro01 BoothMuroLeave
chr_delete BoothMuro01
In file IGMD/Airport/airport_cutscene.bsl. Save and get to Muro in the airport level. He's tough, but if you can trap him in a corner, he's not too bad.

Thanks, BraveHamster

» Download modified airport_cutscene.bsl

Under The Airport

This is one of the most interesting finds I've seen. You will need to be able to enable cheats for this one.

If you've got save point #2, load it, or else just get the the point in the level where you are outide in the airplane area. Turn on invincibility (liveforever) and glassworld (glassworld).

Run all the way to the fence all the way to the right; by the green trailers, etc. Shoot the fence and it will shatter because you have glassworld turned on. Now you're where you shouldn't be. :-)

If you keep running, you will see where the map ends. At this location, you can also see the room that you enter if you were to beat the level. If you walk off of the map, you will fall down one level and be able to run around under the airport.

Alternatively, you can keep running alongside the map edge and you'll come across a black area. Step off that and you will fall... and fall... and fall...

Thanks to Dan Perkins for this find


Play On Rooftop

You must enable cheats for this trick.

Get to the room which has a male civilian who will give you an ammo clip. The room is directly across the ramp which is blown up by the suicide bomber. Get on the banister near the door and turn on behemoth mode (behemoth). Dash across the banister and jump-flip on top of the flaming machine. Once you are on this, jump-flip straight up and you'll find yourself on the roof.

There are many cool things you can do now. There's an unused room near the beginning of the level, as well as one towards the end. You can also get on top of an airplane and get on the other side of the fence.

Thanks, Just-a