Levels » Chapter 02: Engines Of Evil

Play Level 02

So you want more than levels 1 and 4 in your demo? Here's how you can play level 2:

  • Download the 17 MB level 02 ZIP
  • Put files:
    found in folder "GameDataFolder" into your Oni demo folder called "GameDataFolder"
  • Drop folder "manplant" found in folder "IGMD" into the folder "IGMD" of your Oni demo folder
  • Play Oni. :)
I am not sure why, but the sound is REALLY messed up on Macs. It sounds like static on a television set. Just turn your volume off.

Get Outside

Get a wiff of some fresh air in the second level. You need to cheat to pull this off.

Defeat the Strikers at the beginning of the level, and then go to the room to the left (by the stairs) and kill the Striker in there. Turn on behemoth mode (behemoth) and jump flip onto the machine closest to the door. You can then jump through the roof and walk outside.


Play On Rooftop

You need to cheat for this trick.

Get to the room with the animated propellors. Use behemoth mode (behemoth) to get on top of the crates and then onto the red machinery. Get on the highest red machine and turn off behemoth mode. Crouch and creep under the edge of the roof, getting as close as possible to the edge of the machinery.

Turn behemoth mode on again and jump-flip. Now you're on the roof.

Thanks, Just-a