Levels » Chapter 01: Trial Run

Timer Hacker

Want to stop that annoying timer in the Warehouse level? Open file IGMD/EnvWarehouse/warehouse_train2.bsl. Find this line:
timer_start 180 OutroLose
Place a # at the beginning of the line. No more timer.

Thanks, Revenor

» Download modified warehouse_train2.bsl

Secret Striker Surprises

In the room with the first crane, go up to the very top level. Then dash to the edge and jump off onto the top of the crane. A Striker appears at the doors on the second level, then runs down to the bottom. Jump off the crane onto some of the crates (you'll take some serious damage if you just fall to the ground) and kill the Striker. He drops 3 things: a hypospray, a forceshield, and a PHASE CLOAK!

Thanks, VirtualWolf


Play On Rooftop

You need to cheat for this trick.

Find the crates that are directly above the second save point. It's in the same area where the Striker goes to sound the alarm. Once he's dead, turn on the behemoth code (behemoth), so you're livin' large. You should be able to jump-flip fairly easily onto the first crate. Once you're there, dash and jump-flip onto the crate in front of it. This may take a few tries, but it's not too difficult.

Once you're on the second crate, turn around until you find the roof. Simply jump onto it and you're up.

Turn on invincibility (liveforever) so you can jump down from the top of the building. You'll find a front entrance with windows on each side. You can walk through the window and find an unused area.

Thanks, Dan Perkins