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May 29, 2001
There seems to be some confusion over this site. The lack of updates isn't a result of MY laziness, it's yours! ;-)

Seriously, if you have something to show, send it to me and I'll post it.

March 11, 2001
Updated WinOni
Updated OniTools
Updated Oni Save Game Editor

March 1, 2001
Added WinOni
Updated Key Configuration
Updated Oni Save Game Editor

February 24, 2001
Updated OniTools
Updated Shatter Levels

February 17, 2001
Updated OniTools

February 12, 2001
Minor site updates

February 8, 2001
Added Character Animation Theater
Added Control Configuration Utilities
Added 2 MB Installation
Added Disable Intro
Updated OniTools

February 1, 2001
Updated Oni Save Game Editor
Added OniComp
Updated Jeff's Droid Arena
Updated OniTools