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2 MB Installation

(Mac OS Only). The full Oni installation takes around 600 MB of disk space. If you would really like that space back for the price of longer loading times, then this trick is for you.
  1. Open your Oni folder.
  2. Drag GameDataFolder into the Trash.
  3. Put your Oni CD into your disc drive.
  4. Open the folder "Oni f" on the CD.
  5. Select the GameDataFolder.
  6. Hold down Command and Option on your keyboard and drag the folder to the Oni folder on your hard drive, making an alias.
  7. You now have a 2 MB Oni installation, but you MUST have the CD in your tray to play.

Thanks to My Modem Is On Fire and Doomhammer Oni

Cheat codes

Cheat Oni in 7 easy steps:
  • Download this persist.dat file: [Mac] [PC]
  • Extract the persist.dat from the ZIP file
  • Open your Oni folder
  • Replace the existing persist.dat file with the new one you just downloaded
  • Open Oni and load a level
  • Press F1
  • Simply type any of the following cheats:
shapeshifter - Change Characters (with F8 key)
liveforever - Invincibility
touchofdeath - Enemy is killed instantly when you injure them
canttouchthis - You cannot be stunned or knocked over
fatloot - Fat Loot (Ammo+Health)
glassworld - Makes all the furnishings destroyable
winlevel - Instantly Win Level
loselevel - Instantly Lose Level
bighead - Big Head Mode
minime - Mini Mode
superammo - Infinite ammo
reservoirdogs - Last Man Standing Mode (AIs fight with each other)
roughjustice - All weapons fire extremely fast
chenille - Same as the overpower effect except it lasts forever
behemoth - Godzilla Mode
elderrune - Your health slowly regenerates up to a maximum of 100%
moonshadow - Phase Cloak
munitionfrenzy - All weapons appear on the ground
fistsoflegend - When you punch an enemy they get knocked back
killmequick - Makes the computer characters tougher
carousel - Slow Motion Mode

Thanks to VirtualWolf for the descriptions.
Thanks to TheHangedMan and Jef for persist.dat


Configure Controls

A lot of people can't figure out how to configure their Oni controls, or they are doing it by editing the key_config.txt file. Well, there is an easier way.

Double-click your Oni icon, and as it launches, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard. Voila!

Notice the "Args" box? You can type the following switches in there:


This appears to be Mac only.

Thanks, Michael Van Der Kolk

Disable Intro

If you want to turn off the opening intro that appears when you launch Oni, you have two options. Open the GameDataFolder and find intro.bik. Rename the file to anything but intro.bik (off_intro.bik works for me) and Oni will not show it. Just rename it back to intro.bik if you decide you'd like to see it again.

Alternatively, if you're tight on disk space you can simply throw it away and save yourself 17 MB.

Finder Easter Egg

(Mac OS only). Go to your Oni folder, and turn on "Show Balloons" from the Help menu. Place your mouse over the Oni Demo icon and look at the message.

Thanks, Gex Qwerty

Konoko Strip Animation

There's a stripping animation for Konoko. With this script, you can view it, although there is absolutely no nudity; it's simply an animation.

Unzip the file and you'll get a warehouse_level_scripts.bsl. Put it in GameDataFolder/IGMD/EnvWarehouse and start the first level. Get on top of the first crane and the script will start itself.

» Download modified warehouse_level_scripts.bsl

Thanks, Bachus

Record Films

We all thought films were left out of Oni... not! Open up your key_config.txt file in your Oni folder and add the following lines:
bind fkey9 to start_record
bind fkey10 to stop_record
bind fkey11 to play_record
Then play Oni. Press F9 to start recording, F10 to stop, and F11 to play back your recording. Here's where things get iffy. The way recordings work, it records Konoko's moves. This is fine, but when you re-play the film, it starts Konoko at the beginning of the level and since the enemies are already dead, she fights the nothing. You just see her kicking and punching the air.

If you find a way to view the films successfully, please let me know.

Thanks Ian Patterson

Shatter Levels

If you add the lines:
Under the lines:
func void main(void)
Of the <levelname>_main.bsl file of the GameDataFolder/IGMD/<levelname> folder, you will be able to shatter pretty much anything in the game with a gun shot. Be careful; this includes the floor you're standing on.

» Download modified scripts

Thanks, Michael Van Der Kolk