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Bink Video

With Bink Video, available for Mac and PC, you can watch the animated cutscenes outside of the Oni application at your own convenience.

» Bink Video Technology download page

Control Configuration Utilities

Oni Central has a CGI script that will generate your Oni controls for you. The Oni Key Configuration Script displays pull-down menus for you to select the key you wish to bind. Once you have set your controls, a text document is generated for you. Simply paste the information into the "key_config.txt" file in your Oni folder, save, and you're set.

» Oni Key Configuration Script

There is also a key configuration program for Macintosh and PC. It functions much like Oni Central's web configuring script, but it's available in application form.

» Download Oni Key Configure Application [PC] [Mac] by SniperGeoff

Oni Save Game Editor

The Oni Save Game Editor will allow you to edit which level you're on, which save point you're at, which weapon you're holding, how much ammo you're carrying, and more. OSGE is available for Mac and PC.

OSGE was last updated on March 11, 2001 to version 1.3.1.

» The Oni Save Game Editor page


This is an AppleScript for Mac that I kludged together to automate the process of making CMPO files. It is in NO WAY OPTIMIZED and can take over half an hour to run if you do not read the read me and use it correctly (only about 10 seconds if you do it right).

» Download OniComp by BJP


OniTools is a program which can view many of the resources used in Oni. It currently supports these formats:
  • AKEV - level data reference list
  • BINA - raw binary data
  • CBPI - ???
  • CBPM - ???
  • CONS - console description
  • DOOR - door description
  • DPge - diary page pointer
  • IDXA - 3D data point index list
  • IGHH - in-game interface help
  • IGPG - diary page description
  • IGSA - diary page string list
  • IGSt - diary page string
  • Impt - impact description
  • IPge - info page pointer
  • M3GM - 3D object description
  • Mtrl - material description
  • OBAN - ???
  • OFGA - ???
  • ONCV - character varient description
  • ONGS - game settings
  • ONLD - level description
  • ONLV - level data reference list
  • ONVL - character varient list
  • OSBD - data pointer
  • PNTA - 3D point list
  • PSpc - interface rectangle list
  • PSpL - interface rectangle reference table
  • PSUI - user interface description
  • SNDD - sound file
  • StNA - string list
  • SUBT - subtitle list
  • TRAM - animation
  • TRGE - trigger shape description
  • TRIG - trigger data description
  • TRMA - texture map table
  • TSFF - font data reference
  • TStr - string
  • TURR - turret description
  • TXAN - animated texture description
  • TXCA - texture coordinate list
  • TXMB - large texture description
  • TXMP - texture map
  • VCRA - 3D coordinate list?
  • WMCL - window manager rectangle list reference
  • WMDD - window description
  • WMMB - menu item list
  • WMM_ - menu item

It decodes and lets you view textures, 3D objects, and sound files (TXMP, TXMB, M3GM, and SNDD resources.) The source code is included.

OniTools was last updated to v1.3 on March 11, 2001. Here are its latest improvements:

  • Fixed the M3GM viewer's missing polygon problem
  • New resource types
  • Many additions/fixes to pre-existing resource types
  • Importing resources
» Download OniTools by Ian Patterson


Essentially a very basic port of OniTools to the PC. The port was started by Merkinjata.

Dark Cloak has modified Merkinjata's application and it is supposed to function a bit better and eliminates certain errors.

Last updated on March 11, 2001.

» Download WinOni (Merkinjata's Version)
» Download WinOni (Dark Cloak's Version)