The Oni Save Game Editor..or OSGE to save typing...

So you like to cheat, eh? Well this is for YOU!

Tobias Opfermann has coded the OSGE for your enjoyment. For each individual save point, you can alter:

  • ballistic ammo
  • energy cells
  • shots left in your current clip (!)
  • health
  • shields
  • hypos
  • choose ending

You can choose the weapon of your choice, enable cheats, enable invisibility, max everything...have a look at the screeshot of the program in action.

Download it and give it a shot! ---->

Version 1.4 is now coded up!

This version has these nice little new features:

  • You can use Mukade's FireWork Ring™
  • The OSGE is compatible with the English, German, Italian, Spanish and French versions of Oni for both Mac and PC.
  • You can modify the screen resolution in case you switched it to high and you are unable to reset it from within Oni.
  • You can enable all save points you haven't reached yet. All values are 0. You have to set them up yourself.

What a nice little update! Very multicultural.

Download it now - it is really worth it.


OSGE's interface
(click for actual size)


Download the latest OSGE for your platform (14/6/01):

Mac PC

How to use it:

Back up your persist.dat before using it.
Then run it. It'll ask you to find the persist.dat file you want to edit (the persist.dat contains your Oni saved games). Once you've chosen it, it'll remember which file you were editing the next time you run it. Hopefully the rest will be blindingly obvious.


Nothing's flawless, so we expect a few problems here and there..we've tested it on the Mac and Win98/2000, but if you have any problems/constructive criticism mail Tobias (it's his baby, so you're better off mailing him directly since any mail sent to OniShots on the OSGE gets forwarded to him anyway..) Or else visit his site directly: