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Set the walls on fire, duck, dodge and kick butt! This is a multiroom hand to hand combat script with weaponry starting in the hands of the enemies. It's you v. ten other goons.

Two scripts are included in this package: Excercise and Arena.

Created by Tom Aysom

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Character Animation Theater

Make Konoko do every move she can, burn her in acid, and drive around in imaginary motorbikes. Sit back and enjoy!

Directions: What you have to do is try to keep Konoko at the back wall. You can control her normally between moves, but try to move her to the back wall berfore the move sequence starts. You have about two seconds to do this.

Created by Bongo

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Dead Glory's Scripts

Dead Glory sent in this collection of scripts for your enjoyment. Features include:
  • Fight Muro (in different ways)
  • Fight with Karen
  • Super Training
  • Carnage (no weapons)
  • ... and more
There are a quite a few scripts included, and all are different.

Last updated January 24, 2001 to v.109 with these changes:
  • Weapon changer
Created by Dead Glory

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Droid Arena MKIV

There are currently three versions of the Arena. Here's what the readme says:
The first one was you vs the two droids. Next one was a one on one type of thing, good prac without the other bot beating up on you. The latest one I've made is one where its you and the other trainee vs the two droids. It's interesting stuff.
Indeed. There are also plans to add a shooting arena and timed fights in future versions.

Created by Jed D'Lagged

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Jeff's Droid Arena

Time to get your ass kicked with these scripts. Jeff's Droid Arena puts you in the training area with lots of cool additions and places you against many foes.

Last updated February 1, 2001 to v.3 with these changes:
  • I made a mod so the AIs will leave Konoko alone when animations are running
Created by Jeffrey Solliday-McRoy

» Download Jeff's Droid Arena

Keith Wiley's Training Scripts

"I was tired of the scripts where everyone involved was invincible. I couldn't tell if I was winning or not and I certainly didn't have a scale by which to gauge my improvement, so I wrote the nine scripts you have here. These scripts will only run a single match. When the match is done, you must restart. If Konoko dies, the level automatically reloads."

That's the idea behind these scripts. There are nine included, all of which will challenge you tremendously. Imagine fighting Karen and two droids who each have three times the amount of health you have.

Last updated January 19, 2001 to v2:
  • Tougher enemies
  • Option of having enemies with weapons
Created by Keith Wiley

» Keith Wiley's Training Scripts

Lusk's Scripts

Lusk has made quite a few modifications to Oni with his scripts. Here are some of the edits:
  • No more Shinatama(that annoying robot who spews useless info) throughout the whole game
  • You are now invincible and start with an ample supply of red ammo clips and hypos(for going berserk)
  • You can now fight Muro near the end of the airport level
  • Train against Muro and use all the airport moves!
  • Made the final ambush strikers able to take twice the beating before dying
There are a few more modifications. Sounds like fun!

Created by Lusk

» Download Lusk's scripts v1.2

nrc's ManPlant Script

nrc's first script is for the Manufacturing Plant level, which should work well for a new or experienced player:
  • You can fight with all opponents of ManPlant in the first hall
  • One the last guys is invincibile so you can test combos
Make sure you load Save Point 1, or else the scripts will not activate.

Created by nrc

» Download nrc's ManPlant Script