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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

6:10AM, On Route to C7 (Currently at P13), 4AP left

Jan kept driving and slid on sunglasses, offering them to Yukie. The sun behind them was glaring into all the mirrors in the car making it hard for them to see. In reality he knew he was in TCTF country. Even with a shaven beard, cut and cleaned hair, he was still a potential target. Better safe than sorry. He saw a few hundred meters behind him in his rear-view mirror a few TCTF squad cars stopping at an intersection and setting up. Close as hell one. A minute later he would be in a firefight with his allies sipping wine in a mansion and his enemies being just being less than a fourth of a kilometer away.

"Wonder what they are up to today? Gang war I tell you. It's going to be swarming soon around there."

Jan saw Jin's car coming out of a garage and began to tail from two cars behind. At the next intersection he split away from Jin's path, going into a freeway tunnel after getting suspicious of the police activity in the area.

"Remember when this used to be a subway tunnel? Such a shame most of the city is cut off by land now."

Suddenly Jan's phone began to ring. Perez. Jan answered and began listening.

"Hey dude, there's going to be a celebration at Phineas' and Nick's tonight. Lots of women there, plenty of alcohol. All the people we know from work and other stuff. It's not often we get these social gatherings together eh? See ya in twelve hours!"

Jan hung up and thought to himself You idiot. He had plenty of reason to believe that the line was tapped. Atleast the TCTF didn't know that Phineas' and Nick's was Pheonix. Everything else was in plain language and the truth. A high class social gathering of all the people involved in Pheonix's mafia-esque criminal activities. The drifters weren't often invited due to the nature of their work putting them at high risk of capture. But he was happy. He had another thing to bring Yukie to, to keep her away from TCTF HQ.

"Well, you up for a gathering with all my co-workers tonight? Just relax, I don't get these kind of events often at my work."

Jan began thinking about the roadblock. An obvious TCTF hit-squad against them. Jan slightly laughed, knowing he had the trump card that could cause a shitstorm in the TCTF. Maybe that was why Hasegawa was sending hit-squads. To eliminate witnesses to her crimes. He had with him entire lists of people currently employed by the TCTF that lost family members and friends to her actions, from the Syndicate's servers. Jin was one of them, and he had his own eyes and ears as witnesses to it.



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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

12:16 AM - Unknown Location, 5 AP

Mentally crossing his fingers, Micah stepped into the elevator with the women, who was obviously held a good deal of status within the criminal organisation. He didn't doubt that if it came down to a fight, she would come out on top. He made it just as the doors started to close.

The elevator ride was awkward, but blissfully short. The elevator stopped on the ground floor, and a trio of business suited men got on board with them, causing Micah to have to squish into the rear of the compartment. They got off at the next floor, and Micah had to squeeze through the black and white wall in front of him, and had to put his hand in the door to stop it from closing. As they walked down the hall, Micah was surprised to see that instead of the dingy building he'd expected, what he found was a will lit, well furnished office building.

It didn't take him long to notice the logo, and figured out that they were in a building owned by Musashi Manufacturing. It wasn't the plant itself, Micah figured it was where all the paper-pushing got done.

Micah tried to start a conversation with the woman beside him as they walked, but all he got for his efforts was silence, but a sidelong glance that told him all he needed to hear. So they walked in silence, while Micah took stock of his surroundings. He remembred to make note of the locations of all the elevators and stairways, in case he needed to make a quick exit; something he's learned early on. As they passed the cafeteria, his stomach gave off a small growl, that he hoped his companion wouldn't notice.

They soon came to a small, unmarked office, and the woman opened the door with a keycard and stepped inside. Micah followed, and found himself in a very small, and poorly furnished office. Nothing adorned the white walls, save for a small window on the far wall that had blinds drawn across it. In the center of the office there was a desk with a computer on it, some papers stacked neatly in the center, a paper bag, and two chairs: a modest, but comfortable looking chair on the far side of the desk, and a smaller, less comfortable one.

The woman walked around the desk and sat down. Micah didn't want to make any wrong moves, so he stood there until she rolled her eyes and motioned for him to sit. As he did, she handed him the paper bag.

"My sources say you might be hungry."

Micah eyed her suspiciously, but took the bag. For her to know that, she must have had a tail on him for most, if not all, of the day. He opened it and found a burger and some fries, they were still warm, so he presumed they were from the nearby cafeteria. He dug in eagerly. The food was no better than one would expect from a cafeteria, but he hadn't eaten all day, and to him, it may as well have been made by all the famous chefs in the world.

The woman waited patiently as he finished his late supper. When he had downed the last bite, she cocked an eyebrow at him.

"So, you must have a hundred questions you're dying to ask me."

Micah thought for a moment before coming up with the question that was foremost on his mind.

"Why me?"

The woman gave a humorless laugh.

"Trust me, it's not just you. You are just a part of our new recruitment drive."

When Micah just stared at her, she continued.

"I'll be honest with you. In the last five years, the TCTF has been cracking down hard on us. We've lost dozens of our best men, and hundreds of our standard foot soldiers. We're looking for talent wherever we can find it. In some cases, that might mean picking up smaller gangs, outfitting them in Striker armor, giving them a crash course in basic military procedures, and sending them out on missions along with some of our more seasoned soldiers. However that won't be good enough to replace some of our more important losses. That's where you come in. The Syndicate has been on the prowl for talent and potentiel. As we find it, we assign a mission to them, to see how they hold up. If they do a good enough job, we bring them in and make them an offer to join us."

"And did I do a good enough job?" Micah asked hesitantly.

"To be blunt, some your work was sloppy. For instance, running full speed at our departing soldiers was a good way to get yourself killed. But my sources tell me you have a good deal of potentiel. You downed that TCTF officer in the motel, and you managed to followed Jan and his friends without being spotted."

"But, I failed my mission didn't I?"

"Yes, you did. However, under the circumstances, we hadn't expected you to succeed, had you tried to take the data from him, with his allies around. The fact that you refrained from tackling them head on tells me you can think, even with that kind of money dangling in front of you for doing it. You have a good head on your shoulders."

Micah was silent for a while, and the women waited patiently. Then he said,

"What happens to Jan and Yukie now?"

"That doesn't concern you. However, I will tell you that they weren't high priority. It would have been better if he hadn't gotten to her, but as I said, we hadn't truely expected you to succeed in stopping him, and have plans in place."

Another silence.

"So, what happens now?"

"Now, you get some rest. There's a security officer outside to escort you to a room. I'll give you tomorrow to rest up, and then come the next day, we'll talk about that job offer."

Micah thanked her and stood.

"One last thing before I go, what do I call you?"

"You can call me Naomi."

Micah nodded, turned and put his hand on the doorknob. As an afterthought, he turned and asked her,

"About that money..."

She gave him a tight smile.

"That was only if you succeeded your mission."

Micah frowned, and left the room. Outside, a Musashi security officer met him and led him down the elevator to a subbasement level. There, he was given a room. Micah didn't even bother looking around. He went to the bed, and fell asleep before he hit the pillow.

4 AP Left

"He looks mean enough to tear my arm off and beat me to death with it. In fact, he looks mean enough to tear his OWN arm off and beat me to death with it."


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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

6:20 AM, Unknown Location, GM

Naomi's blue-orange eyes glint in the darkness of her quarters.  Unlike her office and other official space, her room mirrored her deeper emotions.  Dark browns absorbed most of the light in the room, giving a brooding aura to the space.  White highlights slashed brightly through the dark depth of the room, suggesting a cold violence tearing through the serene darkness.  Reclining on the soft bed, Naomi seemed to emulate the room's atmosphere, the pure violence of the white in the room echoed in her clothing.  A single scentless candle burned, beside a smoldering stick of incense.  The light from the small flame danced on her eyes as she watched the Fury shift nervously before her.

"Ma'am, I don't know that.  Last time we checked, the thawing process was going slowly, because of Muro's instability."

Naomi remained silent, stalking the Fury with her eyes.

"So we haven't moved to the next phase yet.  And Veronica... how did you know Muro's name?"

The Fury's expression is completely open for a second, and then she tries to cover it up.  Naomi smiles sweetly, and gets up, placing a hand gently on the fury's cheek.

"You were part of his personal guard weren't you?  You poor dear.  I've heard about how he treated you..."

Suddenly, she twists the Fury's head, snapping her neck.  The Fury falls to the floor with a choked cry, and tries to crawl away on paralyzed limbs, little sounds of pain uttering from her throat.  Naomi looks down at her victim, and produces a short knife from a nearby dresser.  Without hesitation, she plunges it into the other woman's flesh, the gush of blood pooling on the dark-stained floor around them.  A sadistic look crosses her face, and she slowly slices downward with the knife, enjoying the feel of the flesh tearing beneath her hand.

"Yes, I know exactly how he treated you...  He's mine you bitch.  I'm the only one he can care for!  He loves ME!"

The knife bites deeper, and soon the fury's struggles fade.  Naomi, eventually seeing the the woman is dead, frowns slightly, disappointed that her fun had ended so soon.  Quietly, she calls for an assistant to clean up the mess, and returns to reclining on the bed, contemplating.

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

6:50AM, C7, 5AP left

Jan was already set up in the hotel room on the 77th floor. His laptop was abuzz, and he was busy trying to think of ways to pull his trump card against the TCTF. Too soon and anyone who got it would dismiss it as fake. His reputation would be no help for his cause either. But, he figured it was time to start the party before it was too late. Jan knew how the TCTF operated, and he didn't doubt there was a spy close by reporting every action of his directly to the TCTF.

Jan looked at all his equipment he had. A pair of standard combat gloves with a twist. If a small energy cell was plugged in on either of the gloves, a quick hand motion would immediately unveil a hidden energy blade that would function just like a normal combat knife. This was practically his trophy from killing a small times arms dealer who had his eyes on money and not customer service. The bastard had enabled it when Jan's back was turned, hoping to plunge it into the back of his neck after his transaction had been done. Jan would have brought the dealer's HRAR, but that kind of gun wasn't his style. A few C4 charges were in his bag, incase he needed to make something explode, such as abandoned oil reserves in the northeastern part of town.

His plan was simple. Blackmailing Hasegawa was out of the question. She already knew he had everything damaging. That's exactly why a hitsquad was after him. Working with the Syndicate on his plan was equally a bad idea. They'd throw him to the side as a corpse as soon as he is no longer useful. He had a mere two options with him. Either get the word out that their current leader was a terrorist, or alert the WCG about their failure to contain Muro. Either way would damage the TCTF enough and accomplish his goals twofold.

His bargaining chip with the TCTF lie on the desk. He had already pre-written the message, and had several carbon copies to multiple addresses, and a system in place for it to go out from multiple IPs. There was no way someone could block it from reaching the WCG if he sent it. He had considered to just send it right there and then, but the very purpose as a bargaining chip would be gone. If the TCTF knew it was sent, they'd just kill him and be done with it, knowing dead or alive there was a shitstorm brewing for them. No, he'd hold down the button the second they acted on them. If they killed him, the button would be released and the message would be sent. Just like the classic terrorist scheme of strapping someone with a bomb that goes off if they let go of the detonator. Except the explosion of this would be far worse then a few people blowing up.

But that was not his main plan. Jan was already mapping out an elaborate wild goose chase for Nagawa to follow. A mysterious chain of messages for him to follow would buy him time for the real part of his plan. With the help of his friends on the inside of the TCTF, he'd be able to get Nagawa to open a final message, conveniently inside of the TCTF's own network telling him to come to a destination, offering the information he was looking for regarding his father's killer. Jan smiled, the psych profile that he had gotten off of the Syndicate's own databases (Of which they had stolen from the TCTF) mapped out everything he needed to know about Jin. His anger management problems, his untreated PTSD, everything.

There was only one flaw in his plan. And he didn't overlook it. The final message was going to be directly in the TCTF's network. The higher ups in the TCTF would know where Jan was going to be physically. They'd send in the big guns to take him down at all costs. They'd surround his position and gun him down. But that was their flaw. Not his. He'd be somewhere away safely, typing in messages into propaganda speakers that the WCG set up years ago during mass anti-WCG protests and stopped operating after everything quieted down. Everyone who came to the location would be hearing the truth, some of it as it is, and some conveniently censored. Nagawa would be the most likely to succumb to it, as he figured from the psych profile.

In the other room Yukie had slipped into more sophisticated clothes and was trying to make sense of the past few years. Jan looked at her and went into the other room of the hotel suite they were in. He immediately put the laptop down and proxied into a local telephone tower to send a telephone call that would appear to be from someone else. The virtual phone software dialed up Nagawa's phone and Jan immediately began talking in an Asian accent. His time working for Pheonix trained him to be able to speak like natives of areas, and it certainly helped in pretending to be someone else. Nagawa's end picked up and Jan wasted no time talking immediately

"This is Kazuhira Rikudo. We know you. Five years ago your father was killed by a rogue agent under the codename of "Konoko". The person is still currently working within the TCTF itself. If you want any hope of revenge for such disgrace, you will go to the abandoned factory of Musashi manufacturing. You will go alone."

Jan smiled, knowing from debriefings years earlier that that was the location of Mai's last official mission before going rogue. It also happened to be a place he worked at seven years before, which he was laid off from when the Syndicate took over in secret, under the guise of machines replacing humans.



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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[6:47AM; Cell M14]

Jin sat restlessly at his office awaiting word about Jan. His anxiety showed: he was tapping his hand on the table top and rubbing his neck profusely. When the phone on his desk began to ring, he was quick to pick it up. However, the man on the other end of the line was quicker to speak.

"This is Kazuhira Rikudo. We know you. Five years ago your father was killed by a rogue agent under the codename of "Konoko". The person is still currently working within the TCTF itself. If you want any hope of revenge for such disgrace, you will go to the abandoned factory of Musashi manufacturing. You will go alone."

Before he could even utter a response the man hung up. At that moment, a thousand thoughts rushed through his mind. "My father's killer is a member of the TCTF? How could they have not told me when I've given my entire life to them? Can this Rikudo guy even be trusted? What if he's lying? What really happened to my father?" Another call arrived at his desk before he could clear his mind.

"Nagawa, this is Commander Hasegawa. I require your presence at the helipad immediately." Not waiting for a response she hung up. It wouldn't have mattered though, as Jin was too bewildered by what was going on to speak.

He weighed his choices for a brief moment. He then stood up, grabbed his gun off of his desk and headed off toward the parking garage. He knew that he was disobeying orders. He knew that the Musashi lead could very well be a trap. He knew that he was acting recklessly. But for the first time in his entire career, he simply didn't give a shit. 

*-1AP (travel); 3AP Remain*



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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

7:00AM, C7, 5AP left

Jan popped in the third sytropin pill that hour and began tapping into Musashi's network through all the loopholes he knew from his time working there seven years ago before the Syndicate secretly took over. By some miracle noone bothered cutting it off the power grid. A few minutes later he had finally got in, and the reality of his situation dawned on him.

The first security camera showed a single striker sitting around at the reception desk. A few seconds later, reinforcements began to arrive. Jan almost spit his coffee until he saw the timestamp on the footage. Two days ago. It still scared him that he might be sending Nagawa into a Syndicate base when he needed him alive. He began looking through the other cameras as of present and the past week's recordings and began to calm down. A mere isolated incident of them regrouping there.

Jan began to map out where he would want Jin to go, setting terminals to display arrow graphics when anyone was detected near them. At the end of his run through the place, he found a place with speakers for broadcasting messages. He'd heard of the concept of the deadly brain before, but he'd never seen one. It was time for him to be creative. Or not. Too much risk reactivating it if it were to go rampant. Jan bypassed the deadly brain and went directly for the basic components of the assault pod. He talked into a microphone and set it to speech-to-text so it would seem as if the assault drone sent the message.

"Next instruction: Go home. Shut off the camera systems in the buildings and get rid of the footage. Do not kill the guards. Get your wife to go out to get groceries for the week. When she is gone, light a cigarette and leave it on the the ashtray on the balcony. Relocate the ashtray to the railing on the stairs just below the smoke alarm. Go out to the balcony and stay out of sight from the hall. After a minute go into the room of Malcolm Washburn. Your next instruction will be located on his answering machine."

Jan smiled and began to have a headache. It must have been caused by him thinking about how the hell Nagawa, or even a bunch of other TCTF officers he would convince to go rogue would stand a chance against Hasegawa. He shrugged it off and went to the bathroom to get painkillers for his headache.



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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[7:17 AM; On route to Cell P13]

On the drive back to his apartment, Jin procured his cell phone from his pocket and made a call.

"Hey Kiyomi, It's me.........Yeah, I'm fine, work is getting a little tiring today though............Hey, by the way, could you do me a huge favor? There is a delivery I need to pick up at the post office, would you mind running over there and picking it up? If it's not picked up within the next 20 minutes they'll charge me for it..........You can? Thanks honey, I'm really sorry for making you run out..........Ok, I'll call you again in a few hours, if I'm not too busy maybe we can meet up for lunch........Love you too, bye."

Closing the phone, Jin was glad she had listened to him. A few minutes before he had paid a local flower shop to deliver a bouquet to the post office for Kiyomi. This way, he got her out of the apartment and he didn't have to look bad doing so. He then re-opened his phone and dialed the apartment's security office.

"Hello, this is  TCTF Officer Jin Nagawa. I order that you stop the security cameras in the apartment complex from recording for the next 20 minutes.........No, this is not a joke. We have a sting operation that will be going down in that time frame and we need to take some precautionary measures..........Look, you can either do as I say or I can call in some backup and we can make you listen.........Of course, as soon as the clock hits 7:40 you can turn them back on............Yes, thank you for your cooperation, I apologize for the inconvenience."

After he closed the phone, Jin began to go into deep thought. "So he sends me to an abandoned facility and then back to my home......this is obviously a diversion of some sort, but I don't really have much of a choice but to listen. If there really is a traitor within the TCTF, he needs to be taken out before he causes any further damage. That, and........if he really is my father's killer.....*sigh*...this better not turn out to be a waste of my time."

*-1AP; 2AP Remain*



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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

7:20AM, C7, 5AP left

Jan quickly got himself a map of the city's emergency management and had it set up to show where any fire alarms were going off. He looked around for Jin's apartment and began focusing on the white circle representing that building. When it went red, he would promptly call Malcolm's phone directly to get the voicemail and give his next instructions to Jin.

Meanwhile even after painkillers his headache felt just as bad.

"What kind of hangover from hell do I have?"

Jan took a small tape recorder he had that must have been at least 50 years old, coughed abit to get his voice to sound Asian again, and spoke into it's microphone

"This is Kazuhira Rikudo. You have done yourself well to this point. For all intents and purposes, the TCTF should be investigating Musashi Manufacturing. That is the first part of your payment for this information, for reasons I shall not disclose, on need-to-know basis. The second part of your payment is as follows. The owner of this apartment is Malcolm Washburn, who was the mastermind in the terrorist attack on our facilities two days ago. You will arrest him. Dead or alive. Alive is preferred completely as he may provide useful information on our enemies through interrogation. Once he is under arrest, take his cell phone. Bring him to TCTF HQ and make sure he is locked up immediately.  As soon as our agents confirm his detainment a text message will be sent to his phone at 6:30PM with your final instructions. They will be time sensitive due to several variables outside of our agents' control, so once you receive them you are to respond to them immediately."

Jan stopped recording and listened to it. He smiled and rewinded it, preparing to call Malcolm's phone.



#159 4/4/12 0:18


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

7:25 AM, P13, 5AP

Mal had only been cleaning for an hour when his phone rang.  Across the room, a pile of junk shifted and toppled to the floor, followed by a loud curse from behind it.  Struggling to free himself, Mal strains to see who the call is coming from.  No such luck.  Sighing loudly, he frees himself and hops carefully around the piles towards the phone.

Too late, he reaches the counter where it rests, and the answering machine answers the call.  He impatiently waits while it goes through the automated message, and then he picks up the receiver.

"Washburn."  He says impatiently, but the voice on the other side continues on regardless.

"This is Kazuhira Rikudo. You have done yourself well to this point. For all intents and purposes, the TCTF should be investigating Musashi Manufacturing. That is the first part of your payment for this information, for reasons I shall not disclose, on need-to-know basis. The second part of your payment is as follows. The owner of this apartment is Malcolm Washburn, who was the mastermind in the terrorist attack on our facilities two days ago. You will arrest him. Dead or alive. Alive is preferred completely as he may provide useful information on our enemies through interrogation. Once he is under arrest, take his cell phone. Bring him to TCTF HQ and make sure he is locked up immediately.  As soon as our agents confirm his detainment a text message will be sent to his phone at 6:30PM with your final instructions. They will be time sensitive due to several variables outside of our agents' control, so once you receive them you are to respond to them immediately."

Malcolm looks quizzically at the phone, trying to figure out what was going on.  Suddenly recognizing Jan's voice, he slams the phone down and dashes across the apartment.  Kicking piles out of his way, he runs to a locker and opens it.  As he is loading the Very Large Gun inside, he hears the door to his apartment open, and footsteps enter cautiously.

"You are starting to seriously damage my calm, you Ai Chr Jze Se Duh Fohn Diang Gho!"  With that, Mal rushes around the corner, the belt-fed weapon already primed to fire.

4 - 13 - 20 (Avg: 12.33333333333)
20 - 8 - 19 (Avg: 15.66666666667)
7 - 20 - 8 (Avg: 11.66666666667)
(Total avg: 13.2222222222)

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[7:26 AM; Cell P13]

Jin stood outside of the apartment that belonged to Malcom Washburn. Not knowing what to expect inside, he readied his revolver, making sure all six chambers were loaded. He then lifted his foot to kick the door in, hesitated for a moment, and then decided to test the door handle first. "Unlocked?" After he took a few steps inside, he could hear someone shouting from the other end of the hall. 

"You are starting to seriously damage my calm, you Ai Chr Jze Se Duh Fohn Diang Gho!"

Not a moment afterword a man hopped around the corner of the hall, holding an extremely large weapon in hand. Jin reacted by shouting "CRAP", simultaneously aiming his weapon at the man.

9 - 12 - 2 (Avg: 7.66666666667)

8 - 3 - 2 (Avg: 4.33333333333)

19 - 19 - 5 (Avg: 14.33333333333)

(Total avg: 8.7777777778)



#161 4/4/12 19:40


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

7:26 AM, P13, 4AP

Malcolm's finger instinctively tightens on the trigger, sending a short hailstorm of bullets at the intruder.  The man falls to the ground, his own gun clattering away across the floor.  Malcolm releases the trigger quickly, before the bullets start chewing into the walls, and peers quizzically at the fallen TCTF officer.  Dimly, he hears smoke alarms going off in the background.  Putting the gun to the side, he drags the man into the apartment and closes the door.

Sighing, he walks across the apartment to grab something for the body.  Finding a large laundry bag, he stuffs it over the body, and hefts the bundle to his shoulder, piling on a few other garbage bags.  He then calmly carries the pile out to the dumpster and tosses it all in.

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#162 4/4/12 20:29


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

7:25AM, C7, 5AP left

Jan hung up the phonecall and stopped the Walkman's tape before it spun off track. Something wasn't right. He saw the fire department grid go off showing the apartment as having it's alarms going off, but for some reason Malcolm had answered

"Deadbeat bastard must have sensed the trap"

Jan smiled somewhat

"Well, now I don't have to worry about a cop unloyal to the cause showing up at the party tonight, well, if Malcolm takes him down that is"

Jan got up from the chair to walk to the other room. Yukie was there, sitting down watching TV. Something just felt off about her, was it being unusually calm? Or was it her naivety? It didn't matter to him right now. In 12 hours he'd be getting drunk at a social gathering of all the people he worked with in Phoenix's organized crime ring.

Jan watched the TV for another minute and then went back to his computer to watch for a hint of any progress involving Malcolm



#163 4/4/12 21:10


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[8:15 AM; Cell P13]

Jin opened his eyes slightly, taking in the complete darkness that surrounded him. He didn't know how long he had been out, where he was, or even if he was really alive. It had all happened in a flash: The sound of gunshots, a sudden pain in his side, the loss of all feeling, and then black. Realizing the severity of his situation, he began to think to himself, though even that was a struggle. "I.....should have known it was a trap.....No one can tell me who killed my father, simply because......no one knows.....But to think.....I was so close.......or was I.......Am I going to....die?.....What about Butler.....what about Hasegawa........what about Kiyomi?.....No, I can't die....not here, not now......."

Using the last of his strength, Jin removed his cell phone from his pocket and used the speed dial for the TCTF emergency line. He knew that they would be able to track and locate him, but he just hoped they would be quick enough. "This is the TCTF public affairs division, what is your emergency?"

Jin tried to speak, but only grunts and shrieks left his mouth. Finally, after much effort, he uttered "Off....icer......do..wn......"

With that, he lost consciousness, dropping the phone to his side. 

*-1AP; 0AP remain (unconscious/nearing death)*



#164 4/4/12 21:55


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

8:30 AM, P13, 4AP

Malcolm whistled a happy tune to himself as he continued cleaning.  The bloodstains had been mopped up, and the intruder's gun was resting unloaded on the table.  Malcolm ignored the fire alarms going off, trusting his Doadan to keep him alive in case the fire was real.  The message on his phone had been deleted, and his Very Large Gun had been cleaned and put back in it's locker.  Now, all that mattered to him was finding the floor underneath all the mess.

The only difference the intrusion had made was that Malcolm now had his pistol holster open, ready to draw the weapon.  That, and a single note magneted to the refrigerator.  It read:  Note to Self:  Kill Jan

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#165 4/4/12 21:59


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

8:30AM, C7, 5AP

Jan had arranged for Perez and a few others to get a suite down the hall, courtesy of himself. No progress had came from Jin regarding Malcolm, and he knew Malcolm was loose still, according to Malikov, whom was chatting to them over a radio frequency off of the TCTF's radio. According to him, they dragged Jin off from a dumpster back to HQ.

"What a goddamn mess. Johnson is in the cop shop and our unwitting drone is in the medbay, and now he probably won't trust us, and that's if he wakes up"

"How the hell do we deal with this Konoko bitch now? Phoenix will probably want her out of the picture sooner or later."

"Eh, we could get the WCG involved and call it a day, that'd atleast make Konoko useless against us"

"No, the WCG's a wildcard with too much risk, and who knows what them or the TCTF will do if I send the signal prematurely. We wait."

Jan got up and pulled out his customized CTE6, pressing the button on it's grip sending the entire gun from it's folded stealth state to be ready to fire in an instant, loading a magazine in, and folded it up into it's stealth shape again

"We need Nagawa. He's the closest person to Hasegawa that isn't a complete grunt and doesn't have any suspicion on him."

Jan pressed the transmit button on the radio transceiver

"This is D. Wollcroft to Sergeant Malikov, finish up your patrol and report to the outpost for new orders."

Jan unpressed it and smiled. Noone was going to suspect anything unusual down at TCTF HQ if they were listening in.

"We need to regain Nagawa's trust. I might have been a fool to have him go on that wild goosehunt, but Hasegawa, Konoko, or whatever we call that monster is still a threat to us. Get ready for action boys. I want you all geared as soon as I'm back."

Jan walked down the hall, going into his suite briskly.

"Sorry Yukie, I've got some business to take care of down at the cab office, you're going to be alone for awhile, I'll be back by 6"

Jan kissed her goodbye and left, going back down to the suite Perez and the others were in. All of them were geared up in standard TCTF uniform. Their B-ED vests were strapped on to a pedigree that they were always expected to be at when they were actually in the TCTF. Their helmets and oxygen hoses were set on perfectly, and everything else was beyond standard. Jan quickly did the same, making sure to match the quality. Jan prayed that Malikov didn't attract any attention reclaiming the uniforms for them yesterday. Within a few minutes all of them looked identical except for the callsigns on their uniform, which had been set up in a way Malikov had arranged for them to get them through all security matching his clearance.

"Alright, express elevator down to the garage. We'll link up with Aleksi there and be on our way to meet our wounded warrior in person."

Jan got in and began typing up a new message from his made up character "Kazuhira Rikudo" addressed toward's Jin's actions according to Malikov. As soon as they reached the garage Malikov was already there waiting for them. Faster than he had expected. Jan, Perez, and Jacques got into the patrol car and began driving towards TCTF HQ



8:45, C7, 5AP (Yukie)

Yukie turned the TV off, irritated by what it was all like now. She quickly paced around the room thinking of Jan's obliviousness to her truths and lies. While almost everything she had told Jan was true, about the fact that her mother was from England, and all the other things, plenty of what she told him was lies concealed in truth. She was the reason he was affiliated with Phoenix now, of course he probably didn't realize it, and he certainly didn't know she was quite deep in Phoenix before they even met. He believe she was a volunteer at the Regional State Building, which she was, but she was there on Phoenix's account, keeping tabs on certain things in the TCTF and WCG.

She smiled. The more Jan was oblivious the better. If he knew then everything he knew about Phoenix would be paradoxed in an instant by the fact that things about her simply didn't match up with them. To him, he thought that Phoenix was an organization going against Chrysalis and other biomedical advancements after the Processing centers went down. In truth, Phoenix was making profit themselves off of it. Jan thought that the reason she had Chrysalis was because of being used as a test by the Syndicate, when in truth it was given to her by Phoenix for her loyal service as a spy.

Yukie walked into the other room and looked at Jan's things. Had her orange eyes been the sun they'd have been eclipsed at that very moment. None of it was really shocking. What she knew of him was that he was the dangerous sort. Everything there was small time. Just a simple plot to assassinate a single bureaucrat in the TCTF. It wasn't like she could pass the info on to anyone who could be her superiors though. She'd been gone more than a year and would have to do some digging into the network again to be back in the loop.

She looked through intel Jan had on his laptop and saw a picture of two dead Strikers, their necks bent awkwardly. She smiled and closed her eyes to think about those first, and somewhat enjoyable kills.

4 Years Ago, J7

Yukie was standing next to the Striker in his apartment. He was in his normal clothes, and another was standing outside smoking, watching for trouble of the TCTF flavor. She'd spent some time pretending to be this particular Striker's new slut in order to get close to him. She'd been here for one real reason, to find out where Muro's corpse was stashed. And now was her chance to find out now that they were alone and he was seeking his prize. The two had been slowly undressing eachother slowly and kissing eachother for the past minute. Her orange eyes, a result of the kind of Chrysalis she'd been given, stared into his.

"Soo, how's the brave man been doing?"

She giggled

"Been doing greaat, especially considering the amount of crap going on"

By this point he practically had her pinned on the bed below him and ready for her. Then, she sprang into action, grabbing him on the head to be able to kill him instantly

"Now pretty boy, you know where Muro is. Tell me now, or never speak again"

After a few minutes of pain for him and faking orgasms to avoid the other's suspicion outside, he finally cracked

"TCTF... Science prison... Please--"

Yukie eased up on him, beginning to let the foolish Striker do what he wanted with her. She kissed him, and in an instant crushed his neck with her two hands

"Thank you. Ahem."

Yukie cleaned up everything of hers and rolled some lipstick onto her lips, quickly redressing and walking out the door. The second striker had no idea. She approached him and quickly twisted his neck 90 degrees before he could think.

"Good to see you too..."

"Well, time to get home before Jan gets worried..."

Yukie dialed his number, thinking about how she was going to alert her superiors to where Muro's corpse was now. But for now, she needed to be reminded of the man she truly loved.

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