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Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

This thread is where the magic happens. You have already read the rules and made your character, and you want to get right into the action - the enormous world of Oni.

Before you begin, however, let's review few things: You are not allowed to double post - you should edit your previous post and make additions. You may not make significant changes to your actions. If you have done something, it is done. No exceptions. You may, however, edit any of your posts to slightly clarify something or to correct your grammar/punctuation (it is, in fact, encouraged). You have to also remember: roleplay is not about fights, it's about developing your character (making friendships, betraying others, struggling to survive, etcetera). No player character can truly be killed; when their AP goes below zero they pass out and wake up when their AP is positive, so please no "decapitations" or execution moves that could definitely kill a character (to those who win a battle and the loser's AP is below 0).

The city map layout:
The city map will serve for one purpose - to make sure people's locations stay consistent, and never confuse anyone. This map will also help to determine how long/how much a character has to travel from thier current location to the location they want to go to. The map is a series of "cells", each cell is 100 metres in game (2 in-game residential blocks). They have known in-game locations labelled on the map with coloured cells, and a legend at the bottom. This map might not be accurate (the game developers might have something else in mind), but it will serve its purpose. When using the map to pinpoint your exact location, you must say first the letter of the cell, then consecutively the number (if I was at the Old TCTF HQ, I would say I am located at cell H27). When referring to a direction in which a character is moving, the person must use the labels North, South, East and West, as well as their combination and approximate distance. Note that anything outside the map is considered poisonous and dangerous (deadly vegetation). New locations can be established by players, as long as they stay consistent and don't interfere with other locations; there is plenty of room left over. Also, the hearing distance is around 1km. You cannot hear anything (unless it is global) if you are further than 1 km (10 cells) away from the location. Please edit your posts and write your exact locations (if known by character) using this system. Special thanks to Bozzman for making an improved version of the map.

About Daodan Chrysalis:
Daodan Chrysalis was an experiment led by James Hasegawa, with the goal to create a way to biologically protect creatures from the world's toxic environment. Daodan Chrysalis is a sort of 'smart cancer' which could be implanted into a host via a surgery (cell implants), and serves as a replacement for the host's cells and tissues. Chrysalis is similar to cancer, but unlike most cancers, it can provide strong beneficial effects (such as ability for the symbiont's lungs to filter pollution and regrow/repair dead/damaged cells). Its colour really depends on the way of production and its concentration. Colourless chrysalis is poor quality; bright, opaque, coloured liquid most likely very good. However, it is possible to create extremely potent chrysalis (hyper-chrysalis) which can be solid, but can be extremely expensive (a solid chrysalis the size of a peanut could cost around $500,000 - $750,000). When inside, it spreads into almost all cells inside the body. Chrysalis cannot be spread like diseases or infections. Most daodan chrysalis is translucent liquid substance that is bright purple-pinkish in colour, although it is sometimes available in other colours. The glow of a daodan symbiont often (not always) reflects their personality (if they're friendly their glow would be soft, although it could smoothly change). A chrysalis implant results in quicker cell repair as well as strong protection of the host from viruses/infections and pollution (amongst other things). Daodan Chrysalis, however, could quickly mutate the host's genome (if not controlled) and cause the host to experience sudden bursts of energy, as well as uncontrolled release of different hormones. If the host allows their chrysalis to mutate at a rapid rate (or slow rate for an extended period of time), the host could experience the 'Imago' stage of their chrysalis. The Imago stage occurs when the host's chrysalis reaches its maximum power, mutating the host to their absolute limit (this change depends on the host; every host will experience it differently). Daodan is very expensive and scarce; a vial 2 inches in length and 0.5 inches in diameter could cost up to $20,000 (1 dosage, around 5mL). Sytropin is the medicine that is used to control the growth rate of a chrysalis (can be either in pill or injectable form). When a daodan symbiote overdoses on Sytropin (regular dose ranges from 1 injection/pill per day for potent chrysalis to 1 injection/pill per week for weak chrysalis), the parts of the body the chrysalis has replaces will either completely stop working or slow down to a nearly inactive state for a short period of time (this can become dangerous when chrysalis replaces brain cells and/or major organs such as the heart, since the symbiote will die and will not recover). For more information on Daodan Chrysalis, click here.

Other important stuff:
Read this post to see the important non-player characters.
Read this post to see the new weapons you could use, or alternatively, click here to make your own (remember, it has to match the futuristic style of Oni).
Read this post to find out how to get daodan chrysalis for your character (if he/she did not begin with one) and how the Imago stage works.
Read this wiki page to see the proper terminologies for all the characters/units in Oni.
For your convenience, the dice roller is located here.

Finally, you are ready to begin. This is the story so far; make sure your character stays consistent:
Mid-November, 2036. It has been nearly 5 years since the incident. Daodan chrysalis is slowly spreading all over the globe. The price of chrysalis is through the roof, and those who cannot afford the chrysalis, or obtain one from the overburdened medical centers, are forced to either wear gas masks or perish in the toxic air. While government programs and the TCTF are on the verge of collapse, the syndicate and BGI are stronger than ever. Mai Hasegawa, codename "Konoko" is in charge of the TCTF, while a new mysterious leader has risen through the ranks of the Syndicate. While the TCTF and syndicate are still at war, their main concern is trying to survive in this polluted world. Wherever you go, there are patrols of TCTF, desperately trying to keep chaos at bay.  Occasionally, at the edges of the ruined city, one can hear horrifying sounds coming from the forest.  No one dares venture outside of the city, but rumours circulate all the same, claiming that the sounds are the dying cries of adventurous teams trying to force their way through the choking vegetation.

If you do not wish to read all of the pages to know the story, the GMs will be providing your with "The Story So Far" posts occasionally. The most recent one can be read here. Anything past that post must be read.

Let your story begin.

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

12:30AM (Cell X4)

*5 AP*

Jan sat down atop the run-down and abandoned overpass and contemplated what had happened over the past five years, wondering what had led the world to this point.

"The government did it, didn't they? Gas the cities with god knows what and then-- Viola! These drugs or whatever these scientists are calling start appearing within the week... What was it? Crystal? Alice? Cryptic."

Jan coughed and quickly tied up his scarf around his mouth and starts to shiver in the cold

"And now I am here in-between shelter and and hell. Won't be long before it's my time to go."

"But I suppose mightaswell make the most of my time, and stay alive between the two groups of shitheads who did this to us."


Jan gets up from behind the overpass rail and laughs before picking up a poorly conditioned mercury bow off the road. Jan then looks into the distance at a small clinic and then at an office next to the overpass and begins walking toward it with intent to climb it.

"Figure, mightaswell kill me some rich folk. Damned folks don't deserve that Crystal Alice, whatever they call it."

Jan jumps over the overpass railing onto the office's fire escape and begins ascending it to the roof

(-1 AP, 4 AP)

Jan begins to walk around the skylights of the office towards the front side, facing the clinic. He looks up at a rotted and un-maintained billboard showing an alert on a wanted criminal appearing to be female.

"I reckon noone gives a damn about that criminal anymore. TCTF is probably more worried about petty druggies than the real problems of civilization"

Jan shrugs and puts the mercury bow down at the edge of the rooftop. Jan takes a barometer out of his pocket and smashes it on a railing before pouring it into a mercury canister for his rifle. He then slides it in to the side slot of his mercury bow and slides a standard TCTF ballistic magazine into the bottom of it. He then gets up with his rifle just enough to aim at the front of the clinic.

"Now to wait. Note to self, only shoot the ones who look comfortable and have no problems this time this time. Not any innocents in gas masks this time"

4AP left

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

I am acting as NPCs in this post, not as a character.  To differentiate between when I am an NPC and when I'm a character, I will put GM at the top of each NPC post, and when I am a character, I will include AP instead.

Near the center of the city, a temporary headquarters for the TCTF has been set up.  Tents flutter between concrete buildings, and people mill about between them.  Phones ring, computer screens flash, and there is a tense hum in the air as the TCTF goes about it's work.  At the center of it all, a purple haired woman sits at a desk, tiredly reading over reports.  Suddenly, a young officer runs up to her and salutes sharply.

"Ma'am, We've received another call from refugees.  They say they've defected from the Syndicate, and want to meet with you personally."  The man hand her a printout of the call, with an address at the bottom.

Mai looks up at him, and gets out of her chair.  "Well I'd best go see what they have to say.  Hold down the fort while I'm gone."

Without a glance back, she strides off to her red motorcycle.  Soon she is flying through the streets, dodging burnt out cars and fallen streetlights.  After a few minutes, she arrives at the base of a staircase, where the defectors are standing.  After a short staredown, the former syndicate operatives begin telling her what they know.


They weave a tale about her brother, and the secret projects he had hidden throughout the city, and even in the jungle beyond.  She grimly listens, and when they are finished, she tosses a small bundle of money to the leader.  As they depart, Mai drives back to the TCTF base, thinking about the things the group had told her, and how she might go about determining whether it was true or not.

In another part of the city

Two TCTF troopers stride along the street below Jan.  Faintly, he can hear them talking, and listens quietly.

"Did you see that?"  One asks, scanning the street and overpass.  His partner looks up as well.

"See what?  There's nothing out here but concrete and a few scraps of paper"

"I thought I saw someone jump onto the fire escape!"  The first officer walks towards the building, looking at the metal rungs.

"Probably just a cat.  Come on, let's get back to the clinic, where we're supposed to be."  The second officer walks off, not waiting to see if his buddy follows.  Still frowning at the office building, the first officer slowly turns and walks after his buddy.

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

*5 AP*
[2:24 AM]

A few kilometres southwest of the old TCTF headquarters, in a medical supply warehouse (Cell X17):   
       "Boss, we're almost done; just a couple more crates to go and we'll be ready!"
       "Jeff, I need you to get me that crate." the thug points to a large, dark green metal box in the corner of the warehouse.
       "I'm on it." Jeff walks up to the crate, and attempts to lift it, but fails to do so.
       "There's some sort of heavy equipment here, I can't seem to get it off the ground. I'll just push it over to you and we--"
An explosion. In mere seconds, heat and debris fill the warehouse. The shockwave sweeps Jeff off of his feet, and throws him onto his back behind the crate. With his ears ringing and his vision blurred, he reaches for his air filter and struggles to get back up. A hole, large enough to drive a truck through was blasted in the back wall of the warehouse. Through it, nothing but fire and grey smoke can be seen. As an armed TCTF team busts through the main warehouse door, Jeff decides to take his chances and escape out the back, leaving his squadmates behind.

He stumbles through the smoke out of the warehouse, his left hand tightly pressing the air filter against his face. As he exits the smoke, he is ambushed by 3 men in black - TCTF Black Ops. One of the men was heavily armoured.
       "Stop right there! Do not move a muscle!" the heavily armoured troop takes a gun from his holster and points it at Jeff. "Get down on the ground, now!"
Jeff collapses on his knees, adrenaline rushing through his body. He was finished; he knew it was over. But he wasn't going to go out without a good fight.
At gunpoint, Jeff springs up and grabs the trooper's weapon; the Campbell Equalizer Mk4. As the trooper attempts to keep the gun in his own hand, he is firmly kicked by Jeff in the left knee. A loud snap is heard, and the the trooper collapses onto his back, screaming in agony. Jeff, now armed and dangerous, points the weapon at the other two Black Ops soldiers. As both of them reach for their weapons, Jeff squeezes the trigger 5 times. Both troops fall lifeless to the floor, their weapons clanking against the ground. Jeff quickly rushes and loots their bodies: a single ballistic ammo and a hypospray. He turns to the left, now facing the west, and sprints away through the alleyway with a single goal - to get as far away from the warehouse as possible.

(-2 AP, 3 AP)

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay


Behind the fleeing striker, the last Black Ops agent yells into his radio, cradling his injured knee with his other hand.

"Agents down!  There's a Syndicate striker fleeing West through the alleys! Requesting immediate backup!"

A medic kneels beside the fallen agent, and administers a hypo spray.  A team of TCTF SWAT also responds, and is quickly hot on the fleeing striker's tail.  They run through the alleys quickly, their breathing unhampered through the government issue gas masks they wear.  One draws a pistol and fires at Jeff, the bullets ricocheting off the walls and pavement.  Faintly, Jeff can hear them updating other TCTF over their radios, but he can't make out their words.  Then he sees a vehicle flash by on the main road when he passes through an intersection.

Damn.  They're cutting me off.  I've gotta lose these guys.  He thinks sourly.  Frantically, he searches for a way out of this mess, seeing only a fire escape and an intersection up ahead.  Beyond that, he sees a flash of lights, and knows that the TCTF are coming at him from both directions now.

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay


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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

2:20AM, (Cell X4)


Jan began to inspect the optics on his mercury bow, pointing north towards (Cell W, 4)

"Clinic is about 100 meters down road. Two city blocks. Which means--"

Jan adjust's his scope and aims two CM upward

"There. First... First whatever those freaks are called to step--"

Jan inspects the mercury bow as a red light flashes on the side of it. He then slams the mercury canister harder into the rifle and hears a pleasant click tone, only to see another red light

"What. Now"

Jan rotates the Mercury Bow to check it's status lights.

"Hmm... Bullet icon, whatever. Green. Skull and crossbones. Was red before, yellow now. Good enough for me"

Jan shrugs at the broken Barometer on the rooftop next to him

"Ice icon... Red..."

Jan pulls out the coolant cartridge only to find a few drops of liquid in it

"Damn... Ran out of LN2..."

Jan takes a thermos out off of his belt and begins pouring water in the replace the liquid nitrogen.

"It'll have to do until I get back 'home'. Maybe might see some targets soon. Going to be a long night."


Jan yawns and readjusts his Mercury Bow, and takes a laptop out of his bag, beginning to set up cameras around the perimeter of the rooftop when an Icon indicating radio traffic appears. Jan takes no notice and begins to start up a Spotter application on his laptop to indicate targets.

"Might as well sleep here and pray the laptop wakes me up in time to get a kill... Might be lucky and find some TCTF"

Jan begins to lay down on the concrete of the rooftop and notices the icon flashing again. He checks it for a moment. Nothing but static with occasional gunfire and yelling.

"Wish I was there to see it. Signal is barely in range anyway. That or they discovered that hook into their network."

Jan yawns before fully laying down and closing his eyes.


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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[2:26 AM] *5AP*

Struggling to reach for the phone on the nightstand next to his bed, Jin reluctantly answered the call coming in from work.
"Nagawa, where the hell are you? The raid on the Medical Supply Warehouse [*Cell 17X] is going down RIGHT NOW. We have 2 officers down and a thug fleeing the scene, so get off your ass and get a move on!"

With a grim face, he replied "S-sorry sir, my alarm must have died again. On my way now."

Slamming the phone back into the receiver, he rushed into his bathroom to get changed. As a young, new recruit into the TCTF, he hadn't expected to see combat just 2 months after his arrival. Though he was technically only part of the investigations division, the TCTF was so understaffed at the time that even an inexperienced detective was needed to do some heavy lifting.

Dressed and ready to go, he rushed out his apartment door [*Cell 13P], grabbing his overcoat and .38 Special on the way (despite being severely outdated, he preferred the feel and reliability of a revolver). After getting into his car (a standard TCTF Squad Vehicle), he booted up his GPS and headed for the warehouse (South East).

*-1AP, 4AP Left*

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

Ok.  Feel free to resume RP.  Please make note of the updates we've made to the rules.

[2:30 AM]  T13

A single gunshot goes off, echoing through the street.  Inside a ransacked store, the flash flares brightly behind the glass, illuminating the silhouette of a broad shouldered man in a duster.  A body falls to the side, and the man shakes his head slowly as he reloads his revolver.  A smaller man runs in from the back, looking for the source of the noise.

"Ching-wao tsao duh liou mahng! You killed him just for swiping your crappy gun?  That guy was our best smuggler!"

Mal looks put out at his lackey's comment.  He hefts the pistol dramatically.

"This is the best damn gun made by man!  It has extreme sentimental value."

He looks out at the armored truck parked in the back, and sees that all the equipment is loaded.  Satisfied, he walks over the body and towards the exit, stepping carefully to avoid the toppled shelving units.  The dim exit sign illuminating the store flickers for a moment, and Mal pauses so as not to trip.

"C'mon.  We've got a delivery to make, and I don't want to be here when the TCTF come crawling in."

They board the truck, a repurposed TCTF armored personnel transport, and drive away from the scene.  Soon they are in the industrial section of the city, where their base is located.  At a touch on the remote, a door opens in a small parking garage, and they drive inside, closing it behind themselves.

AP:3  (-2)
[2:40 AM]  R20

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[2:35 AM] T16

A TCTF MedVan rounds a corner of yet another city block, and makes its way towards the TCTF HQ...

AP 0

"SON OF A BI***!" Lt. Vincent Black announces his agony yet again. "Why don't you hit a few 'MORE' potholes A**HOLE!"

-"Vince, buddy, you're fine. We'll be back in no time. Just be glad your chauffeur here actually wants to save your knee by getting back to HQ quickly."

"Aghh shut up Rich, last I checked all your joints are in one piece! A quality my leg is currently lacking!" (Another bump rocks the van)
"GODDAM**T! Can I get another hypo here?!"

-"If it makes you stop complaining? Fine." The medic grabs another hypo spray and administers it to the lieutenant. Vince sighs in relief as the effects of the hypo take hold. He estimates it should be enough to last until they arrive to the medical wing. A few silent moments pass, nothing but the hum of the engine and the pavement below them.

"How bad is it Rich?" Vince asks calmly. The question had been burning in the back of his mind for the last few minutes. He wasn't sure he would like the answer.

-"Well..." Richard begins, "I'll be honest with you buddy, preliminary scans aren't looking too great. That striker f**ked up the whole joint. He knew where to hit you."

"What about fixing it? How long will it take?" The Van jostles once again. Vince notices it isnt as bad as last time, but figures that's just the meds talking.

-"Yeah... about that." The medic wipes sweat off his brow. "For a full recovery, taking into consideration getting a donor for marrow and the reconstructive surgery required... not to mention the physical therapy, I'd estimate a few months?"

"Months? Seriously?"

-"Yes, seriously. You've had your share of dislocations, but this is a whole other story."

"I can't be off the streets for that long! We're short handed enough as it is!" A dull pain started throbbing in the back of his head. Anger fueling a headache.

-"I know Vince. Fact is, command knows that too." Richard taps his headset, it chirps. "I think I've got an idea that will get you back on the streets sooner." He pulls out a small hypo spray and sends its contents into Vince's right arm.

"How soon?"

-"A couple of days if everything works out, now shut up I'm making a call." .... "Put me through to Dr. Riley and the R&D department. ...Yeah Yeah! I know! Just tell her she won't owe me anymore after this...."

Vincent thinks to himself. *A couple of days?* The headache started to subside. *Yeah, a few days and  I'll be right back out there.* His vision starts to blur. Just as he closes his eyes an image flashes in his head... *He had a dented helmet.....*

AP -1

Here take this hypo!


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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay


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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

Nondescript time, Nondescript location

Jan stands in a tower, next to two other men. They look down towards a gate 15 meters below and yawn. The second man hits a button on a bluetooth next to his ear and talks

"Yes commander, we have nothing to report here... Affirmative... Yes sir... We can cut them off here if they--- Yes sir."

"Alright people, the commander wants us to be able to cut them off here, make sure they don't reach the airport. Walker, you make sure that none of those stragglers try to sneak into the sewers through the side of the building. Fujiyama, Set up a roadblock down there in-case they have vehicles."

Jan loads a mercury bow and opens the tower window in the eastern direction as Fujiyama takes an elevator down. Their commanding officer begins to walk down the stairs to the rooftop below and begins giving orders to other troops. Jan nods off from a distinct lack of movement below.

45 minutes later:

Jan wakes up with no movement below, when suddenly a vehicle rams into the side of the wall, pouring hostiles out.

"Oh shit!"

Jan raises his mercury bow and gets ready to fire, his CO walks up the stairs asking for the latest report on activity and asks him about the noises at the base of the building.

Two more vehicles drive in and smash through the wall, pouring enemies out. Jan points down quickly and yells


Jan promptly fires and and begins to panic as he waits for it to cool down. Two hostiles fall from the single shot. He fires again and hits 3 all lined up rushing into the building. One of their plasma rifles falls to the concrete and fires twice killing another hostile. Jan reloads and looks over to his left at the gates. Fujiyama closes the gates only to be met by hostiles climbing the wall. He guns down all the them quickly with his SMG. An armored figure appears and throws him to the side, instantly killing him. Jan yells and fires a shot.


Jan begins to hyperventilate as the figure does not go down, and fires another shot at it only to see it not go down again. It looks up at him and begins to aim a weapon, and then---

3:01 AM (X4)

Jan hastily wakes up to an alarm noise and aims his pistol 360 degrees around him only to be met with the cold night air. He shivers from the fear generated by a nightmare and the cold combined. Jan looks at his laptop and sees several humanoid figures highlighted red standing next to a set of doors waiting to get in.

"Shiiit. Forgot how early the clinics open this side of the world."

Jan yawns and picks up his mercury bow, and quickly turns around to make sure noone has sneaked up on him. He aims down range at the clinic and adjusts.

"Alright... Today is my lucky day. More targets than there are rounds on me."

Jan begins looking for which target would be the best. He sees a man that looks suspiciously like his old boss from his work 7 years ago.

"Hello Mr. Yamagata... Shouldn't have laid me or my buddies off to replace us with machines. Oh and it looks like they finally cultivated that thing for you to insure your life while the people formerly under you die from disease and famine. The Drifters send their regards."

Jan fires off a single shot and smirks as Yamagata falls to his knees. The mercury bow vents heat from it's rail launch. The coolant light turns yellow and the mercury bow clicks signalling the next mercury rail is frozen. Jan randomly aims into the crowd, pleased with killing the man who doomed the career he had spent his school years studying to be in. Jan fires and watches several men in high-class clothing keel over. Jan smirks, recognizing his signature skill to be able to hit several lined up targets with ease and intent. Five doctors rush out and clear the crowd trying to get the 5 men who have been hit onto stretchers. The crowd moves around in confusion.

(-1AP, 4AP left)

"That's enough for now. TCTF could be here in a minute and find me."

Jan quickly grabs his cap that flew off him when he fired his shots, and smirks for a second at the Musashi Manufacturing logo embroidered on it. He then picks up all his set equipment and loads it up into a rucksack. He promptly strolls down the fire escape and walks off from the scene eastbound below the overpass he was on earlier.

(-1AP, 3AP left)

Jan picks up a radio from his rucksack and talks into it

"Any news?... Oooh good, someone had a bad day... I coincidentally happen to be walking in it's direction right now... Medical supplies? Might need that, I've not been feeling great from all this gas... Meet me there, maybe we can sneak in and grab some things from there if there isn't too many TCTF guarding the place now. I'll be there within the hour man... Oh and remember our old boss? He turned up dead very recently."

Jan laughs and keeps walking eastbound.

3AP left.



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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[3:16 AM]  N14

The TCTF MedVan carrying Vince pulled into the temporary TCTF Headquarters.  Vince is rushed into a medical tent on a stretcher.  Several surgeons and technicians hustle in behind him, and the surgery is quickly underway.  He yells at them for several seconds about jostling his leg, and then they administer painkillers, and he falls silent.  The sounds of the operation can be heard faintly outside the tent, but for the most part the injured Black Ops agent is forgotten in the rush and bustle of the TCTF's daily operation.

[4:05 AM]

An hour later, the surgeons finish with the preliminary stages of the operation.  They leave the tent for a quick break, and Vince lies back on the table, fading in and out of consciousness.  Dimly, he sees a purple-haired woman enter the tent and stand over him.  Beside her is Richard, his medic friend.  Mai speaks softly to the medic.

"Is he going to be all right?"  She sounds tired as she speaks.

"The doctors say he should be fine, although his knee will have to be a mechanical SLD-based replacement."  Richard says, just as softly.

"Tell me when he's awake.  I have an assignment for him as soon as he's healthy again."  With that, Mai turns and leaves, letting the tent flap close behind her.

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

*5 AP*
[2:31 AM]

Jeff is surrounded (cell X15) - there are TCTF agents on both sides of the alleyway, ready to take him down. On the left side, he sees a fire escape - his only way out. He grabs the railing and pulls himself up to the base of the stairs (the missing ladder made the fire escape otherwise inaccessible). He begins quickly climbing the metal stairs, desperately trying to avoid the bullets flying in his direction. Bullets ricochet off the wall behind him, hitting Jeff with tiny brick chunks and dust. A heavily-armoured TCTF Black Ops agent grabs onto the railing, and two lightly-armoured Black Ops agents help him up. He begins ascending the stairs, only a few floors behind Jeff.

Jeff reaches the top floor and runs onto the flat, dark grey roof. The TCTF agents cease fire. He decides to take a quick break to catch his breath. Jeff slightly bends his knees, rests his palms against them, and begins breathing heavily. Moments later, the TCTF agent reaches the roof as well. Jeff, even after hearing the agent metres behind him, does not move. He turns his head to the right, and sees the TCTF troop in his peripheral view.
       "You have nowhere left to run. Just give up and make it easier for both of us." says the distorted voice behind Jeff. "You got lucky once, you won't get lucky again. You can't take me down."
Jeff slowly straightens himself and turns around. He stretches his neck. His arms tired and limp, he looks straight at the agent.
       "I wasn't going to fight you. I just want to get out of here." says Jeff, his voice noticeably quiet.
       "I'm afraid I can't do that. Orders are orders; I'm just doing my job. This is nothing personal." replies the agent, clenching his fists and getting ready to fight.
Jeff looks at the agent and smiles. He then quickly turns around and sprints in the other direction. The TCTF troop sighs and begins chasing him. Jeff has no choice but to keep moving across the roofs. The next building is a floor lower; the buildings are 2 metres apart. Jeff increases his speed and takes the jump.

His boots touch solid ground once again. He performs a roll, gets back up and turns around. The TCTF agent on the previous building runs to the edge, stops, and looks down at Jeff. The agent chuckles, turns around, and runs in the other direction, disappearing behind the edge of the roof. Jeff pauses and leans against the large metal generator. He is tired, and needs to find a place to rest. 5 or 6 blocks southwest, at the edge of the city, he can see the abandoned Musashi Manufacturing Concern - his next destination. Just as he's about to do a brief stretch before heading to the Musashi plant, he hears loud footsteps and the rustling of armour - a sign that the chase isn't over just yet. Jeff quickly bolts to the south, hearing the agent land onto the roof behind him. Jeff reaches the end of the roof and jumps. He curses as his right foot's toes touch the edge of the building and slide off. He quickly reacts and grabs onto the ledge of the roof. Hanging for a brief time, he pulls himself up and continues to run. Behind him, the agent is heard running then jumping. Then, Jeff hears a loud thud and a grunt.

The TCTF agent was now hanging onto the ledge by his fingers. If it wasn't for his armour, he would've probably made the jump. He tried pulling himself up, but with no success; He had no choice but to cry for help. Slowly sliding off the ledge, he looked down - he must've been around 6 or 7 storeys above the cold pavement. A deadly height. Adrenaline rushed through his body. His heart was pumping louder and louder, echoing in the back of his mind as his fingers slowly continued to slide off. Then, his left hand suddenly slips. He has only seconds to come up with a clever plan that would save his life - so he cried for help once again. But help wasn't there. He was alone, getting ready to face his end. As his pinky slid off the ledge, he shut his eyes. He was going to die. Another finger slips off. His armour suddenly becomes heavier, dragging his last two fingers millimetres off the edge. Then, his body jolts.

The agent opens his eyes. He can see the ground below, but he is not falling. He looks up and sees a hand firmly holding his wrist. Another hand comes out from behind the ledge, and grips his other wrist. The hands then pull him up onto the rooftop. As the agent finishes climbing, he collapses onto his knees and looks up at his saviour.
       "You'll be alright." says the mysterious figure. "Just for good measure though..."
The mysterious figure clenches its fist and punches the agent right in the face, cracking the purple glass on his helmet.
       "Tell them you couldn't take me." the figure says again. Then the figure clenches his fist and punches the agent in the face one more time, knocking him out.

(-2 AP, 3 AP)

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#15 11/1/12 19:53


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[3:24 AM] B22

A girl stumble through the street, dazed and confused.  Her dark hair and pale skin contrasting sharply against each other.  She is shambling through an intersection when she suddenly trips over a piece of rubble and collapses in the street.  She cries out in pain, and screws her eyes shut barely holding on to consciousness.

Suddenly a low snarl comes from behind her, menacingly close.  A shadow flashes across the street, darting through the moonlight to another shadow.  Slowly it stalks towards the girl, keeping in the shadow as much as possible.  Soon the beast is standing over her, saliva dripping from it's twisted jaws to the concrete.
It rears back it's head to lunge towards her exposed throat, but just then a white spiderweb pattern appears in it's forehead with a soft *plink*, and it is thrown back, away from the girl.

A few meters away, a man in a ragged lab coat and respirator stands, nervously holding a depleted mercury bow in his hands.  His legs shake, and he nervously calls out.

"Are you ok?  Hey... Hey kid!  Are you hurt?"  When the girl doesn't move, he begins to panic,  "Hey guys!  There's a girl here!  I think she's hurt!"

Another man runs up, also wearing a lab coat and gas mask.  He gently rolls the girl over on to her back, and checks her vitals.

"Her vitals are strong.  She's got a shallow cut on her head.  Not much, but I think it's infected.  We'd better get her back."  The man picks her up gently, making note of how little she weighs.  He passes by the first scientist, and pats him on the shoulder.  "Good shot by the way.  Let's go."

They carry Rin all the way they'd came back to the old TCTF Science prison. (B31)  It stands intact, a fortress against the contaminated jungle outside the City walls.  They enter the building, and after a hiss of air, they continue through into the main hall, where they set the girl down on a bench.  The men remove their gas masks and put away their equipment, while a small group of other scientists gather around.  The first one points and gives orders.

"Shaw, Yatoko, go back out and see if you can find us more supplies.  We couldn't finish our rounds, and there's one of the Daodan mutants out there on the regular patrol route.  It's been shot, but we don't know how long it's gonna stay down.  Carter, O'Niel, take this girl to infirmary and check her over.  I don't want to lose another one."  As the scientists rush about, he helps lift the girl onto a stretcher, and she is carried off.  The man sighs, and trudges back towards the control room, where he could watch over the whole base.

I hope she makes it.  After all, she's not so different from the rest of us.  Just trying to hide.

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[2:43 AM]
*5 AP*

[NOTE: I've rewritten my post and fixed all the flaws, apologies for the inconvenience.]

As Jin pulled up to the warehouse [17X], he could tell that the excitement was over. Body bags containing what he presumed to be Syndicate agents were being carted off, injured TCTF agents were being treated by medical personnel, and any enemy survivors of the raid were sitting in the backs of SWAT all terrain vehicles. Almost immediately after getting out of his car, Jin was approached by a muscular, older man, who bore sunglasses despite the darkness of the early morning sky.

"Well, well, well, look who finally decided to show up. Did you sleep OK? Did I wake you up too early? Cuz God forbid you lose any sleep while we're getting shot up! Your lucky you're good at what you you do, kid, because if you were anyone else i'd fire you on the spot."

Jin's CO, Jacob Butler, hand picked Jin out of a class of 50 candidates to join the TCTF Special Investigations division. Though he could be harsh at times, he acted somewhat as a father figure to Jin, and was his closest friend. 

"I'm really sorry Sir, as i said earlier my alarm died on me. Anyway, since it seems the fighting is over, i'll just have to see what I can do now. What happened to the run away Syndicate?"

Much more calm than before, Butler replied "The slippery bastard got away. We sent someone after him, but we found him unconscious on the rooftops nearby. There is chopper searching for the thug, but at this point I doubt he'll turn up."

"Yea, the chances of finding him at this time of day are extremely low. Was he the only one who got away? And was there anything of interest in these boxes?"

With dismay, Butler said "A truck managed to escape soon after we arrived, i'm not sure how many of them were on it. As for the boxes, all we found was medical shit. Hypos, bandages, nothing out of the ordinary."

Surveying the area, Jin spotted something of interest. "How about that big box over there? It looks different from the others."

"Completely empty. The cleanup team didn't find anything in it"

Deciding it was worth looking into, Jin approached the box and began to inspect it. "Considering it's size and thickness, my guess is that this was used to transport some heavy duty equipment. But that doesn't make any sense, as the Syndicate wouldn't have been able to retrieve the contents during their getaway. Sir, are you sure they didn't find anything? Were you there when they opened it up?"

"I wasn't personally here, but the squad and the report says it was empty, so it was empty."

Clearly confused, Jin began to rub his neck, something he only does when thinking intensely. "Sir, would you mind finding out who this warehouse is registered to?"

After speaking with a few other officers, Butler returned with a clipboard and inspected the paper attached to it.

"Apparently it's registered to a Bio-Research facility [20U] not far from here."

Pulling out a notepad from his pocket, Jin proceeded to scribble down the number 38109. "I got the box number. Let's head down to that facility and see what we can dig up."

As he began to walk towards his car, Jin felt a firm hand grip his shoulder. "Sorry kid, orders are orders. We've been instructed to return to HQ and question a few of the Sydicate. I'll run this through HQ, but it might be a while until we get the OK."

After a long sigh, he replied "Well, we better get a move on then." With that, he got back into his car and headed for TCTF Headquarters [14N]. 

*-2AP, 3AP Remaining*

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

3AP left.

4:15 AM. Medical Supply Warehouse (X17)

Jan walks out from behind a crate and signals towards Aleksi, who is wearing a TCTF uniform, pretending to be part of the task force guarding the warehouse. Aleksi sees the signal and walks by the crate to "Investigate the contents".

"Damnit Jan, if you hadn't been lucky, I might have been another person."

"Whatever Aleksi... Just give me a run-down and lets get to work"

"Oh of course"

Aleksi hands Jan a TCTF detective uniform

"By some dumb luck and coincidence, the detective I jumped in the alley had the same last name as you. Oh, and, he doesn't really look like you... He kind of blends in the the majority of the locals a bit more..."

Aleksi looks over at a few TCTF officers on the other side of the crate, all of them being distinctly asian. Aleksi hands a pair of sunglasses over to Jan

"Thankfully, most of the detectives atleast wear sunglasses... Don't worry about me, I've done things like this before. It's you that I worry about blending in. Just make sure to use common sense and think like them. You'll do fine. They won't suspect anything out of the ordinary unless you make them. We have at most an hour in here. We don't want to be in here when a naked man claiming to be Agent Walker comes in and blows your cover"

Jan puts on the detective coat and sunglasses and begins to walk around the crate, and Aleksi talks to him

"Oh and, if you get into a sticky conversation, say the codephrase 'I have a feeling one of you is going to try to invoke Godwin's law at some point in this conversation', I might find a way to get you out of it."

Jan shrugs at him and points at the crate they were behind, and promptly talks to Aleksi

"It's torn right open... Nothings in it now... Whoever was here wanted it's contents baaad my gander is the TCTF came here for it's contents, and the Syndicate must have been trying to get it out of the city. Do me a favor. Try to figure out what was in it. Check the TCTF's reports, they might be in the warehouse's offices at the moment. I'm going to check these other crates for something useful."

Jan walks off to inspect other crates for useful supplies.

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

*It's gonna be a long day.....*

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay


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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[4:20 AM]

Medical Supply Warehouse (X17)

After the higher-level detectives are called back to base, Jan found it easy to slip around and look at almost anything in the warehouse without being questioned.  Finally he's seen enough, and swiped a few of the smaller supplies.  He decides it's time to leave.  As Jan walks through the Warehouse, heading for the exit door, a TCTF agent suddenly yells at him.

"Hey, we're packing out!  You can finish your sweep later, Boss wants us back for debriefing ASAP!"

The TCTF all start loading onto the vans, and Jan has no choice but to either follow or blow his cover.  He climbs into a vehicle, and they are soon en route to the TCTF headquarters.  Several tense minutes pass, but finally they arrive, and he jumps down.  Jan starts threading his way through the agents and officers, and is almost clear of the unloading people when Aleksi catches up to him.

TCTF Headquarters (N14)

"This way."  He whispers as he walks past Jan.  Jan hesitates a moment, and then follows closely, weaving through the crowds after his friend.  Aleksi stops in front of a tent, and motions for Jan to enter.  Jan duck beneath the flap, and comes face-to-face with Mai Hasegawa.

"Hello Jan.  Aleksi tells me you're kinda hard-up for money and supplies lately.  Well, I've got an offer for you:  Do a couple jobs for me, and I'll see to it that you've got supplies for a month delivered to wherever you want and 50,000 in your pocket.  What do you say?"

[4:23 AM]

Back among the tents and the bustle of TCTF HQ, Jin and Butler spend several minutes interrogating the Syndicate prisoners.  Unfortunately, they don't learn anything they didn't already know:  That the new syndicate leader had ordered all the boxes in that warehouse taken back to a rendezvous point, where they'd be transferred to truck headed for the real Syndicate base.  None of the men knew where the real base was, and didn't know anyone who did.  Finally, Butler walks away, disgusted with their lack of progress.  Jin follows him quietly.  He is about to speak when a messenger jogs up.

"Sir's, Commander Hasegawa wants to see you in her command tent immediately in her command tent."

[4:25 AM]

In the medical tent, a messenger appears with a wheelchair.  He smiles at Vince, who groggily opens his eyes.  He glances down, and sees that his knee is almost completely metal now.  The skin around it is still inflamed, but seems to be healing rather quickly, considering.  He groans.

"Sir, Commander Hasegawa wants to see you.  I'll take you there now, if you feel ready."  The messenger parks the chair beside Vince's bed, and looks at him questioningly.  Vince growls a bit in his throat, and motions the man to help him up.  Working together, they lever Vince's body into the chair, managing not to move his leg too much.  Soon they are on their way, and the command tent comes into view.

[4:27 AM]  TCTF Science prison (B31)

The pale-skinned girl, laying in a hospital bed, hears the door open, and a woman walks in.  She wears a tattered lab coat over an old suit, and her blonde-grey hair is pulled into a tight bun.  She checks several machines, and then turns to the girl.

"So you're awake.  How are you feeling, young Symbiote?"  The woman asks, sitting on the bed next to her.  "You took quite a hit out there.  Luckily for you, your chrysalis kept you alive.  You're healing at an extraordinary rate now, so you should be out of that bed in no time."

Then a radio goes off in the woman's pocket, and she smiles briefly before turning away to talk to the radio.  "She's awake, Miles.  Her vitals are all strong, and her chrysalis is speeding up the healing process significantly."

She pauses, and the girl notices that there's a small earpiece hooked over her ear.  The woman speaks again.  "No, she hasn't spoken yet...  No...  Well why don't you come see for yourself if you're so curious?"

The woman clicks the radio off, and turns back to Rin with a smile.  "That was Dr. Miles.  He's been our leader here ever since the air processors died.  We don't see many outsiders, this close to the wilderness; mostly just the monsters.  Needless to say, you can expect to be introduced to everyone here in very short order."

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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay


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Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

5AP left

4:30 AM

Jan begins to drift asleep as all the TCTF agents around him do, joining the domino effect that started when Agent Herman yawned

Nondescript time, nondescript location

Jan quickly takes cover before the figure can fire the cannon, and promptly runs down the stairs following his CO who promptly yells "Fuck this shit, this is loco!"

As they reach the bottom of the stairs a hostile begins to fire upon them with an SMG, causing them to dive to the side in opposite directions. The CO slides into an elevator and presses the button before Jan can get in.


The hostile casually walks behind Jan and puts a pistol to the back of his head

"You lose."

Jan quickly turns around in reflex and scratches the hostile's throat quickly and backs up. The hostile begins to grab his throat in pain from the quick scratch. Jan stares awkwardly after thinking that it wouldn't have worked.


The hostile begins to recover and starts aiming his pistol again. Jan fires a shot from his now unholstered pistol twice into both of his kneecaps and begins to aim at the hostile's head when--

Jan tumbles over in pain as another hostile pistol whips him on the back of the head.

"As he said. You lose."

The hostile takes out a knife and kneels over by Jan. He goes into a quick stabbing motion towards Jan and is stopped by Jan grabbing his arm.

"Goddamnit Geoffrey, use your gun already while I have this son of a bitch pinned here!"

Geoffrey begins to go for the pistol but falls over in shock from having his throat nearly slit by hand and losing usage of both his knees

The second hostile looks over and yells

"Shit, Geoffrey, get up!"

Jan punches the second hostile in the face and stands up only to find no pistol in his hands. The second hostile turns around and tries to grapple him, only to be met with Jan moving to the side and slamming the side of his hand into his throat. Jan sighs for a moment and begins to smile. He walks over to Geoffrey's unconscious body and speaks

"I really wish I had a rope for you right now, shame I don't. And even if I did there isn't a decent spot to tie the rope to at the top. This will do."

Jan grabs both hands around Geoffrey's head, picking him up a few feet and suddenly stops and puts Geoffrey back down

"No, I've had my fair share of barehanded kills for the day. Your friend over there used to do things like this all the time. But then he took a hand to the neck"

Jan shoots Geoffrey in the head once without looking and grabs a journal that he dropped. He then opens it up and reads a few lines

"Chrysalis? The hell is that supposed to mean? Probably just a plot outline for some fanfic the now deceased shithead was writing"

Jan throws the journal off the side of the rooftop and begins to walk to a catwalk

"Now to find the real issue at hand... What the hell was that thing?"

Jan looks over to the side behind the tower and sees the figure again

"Oh shit..."

Jan begins to run on top of the building's atrium and is suddenly hit in the leg by a sudden hot beam, and falls over the edge from his sudden loss of traction. Jan grabs on to a lightpost on the side of the building and breathes. An engine noise of a motorcycle fades in from the background and Jan loses his grip, falling to the ground and blacking out

4:40 AM


Jan looks to his right as the APC's door folds downward to the ground. He steps out and sees several uncountable tends, a wall, and a very large tarp 5 meters above his head covering the entire perimeter. Jan begins shivering in the cold morning air and thinks to himself

Oh great, this must be Helmetman HQ... I need to get... Ah screw it, as long as I don't encounter the guy's friends noone will suspect a thing. And if he got taken down easily he must'av not been as experienced. Which should mean not many, if any, will know him here.

Jan begins walking towards the barracks tent to catch up on the rest he had not properly had in over a day, when Aleksi comes behind him.

"Well Aleksi, don't you remember that one time five years ago when---"

"Not important right now... Right now, even though I didn't properly tell you about this, you just need to know your cooperation is vital right now. From what I hear too many lives are at stake.

Jan gives a confused and odd look at Aleksi in his pair of ARI sunglasses, and begins to follow him yawning. They go into the command tent, and Jan sees a face that seems oddly familiar

I just can't get my finger on it... I know I remember her face from somewhere... But where?

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#23 15/1/12 23:05


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

[4:42 AM]  TCTF HQ (N14)

Mai Hasegawa stands in her command tent, leaning on the table in front of her.  Across the table, is a small group of people.  Jin, a young TCTF detective with an uncanny knack for the job, stood casually a pace away from the table.  Closer sits Vince, a Blackops SWAT officer who had been recently injured.  Finally, a somewhat confused Jan stands near the tent flap, his wandering lifestyle evident despite the disguise he wears.  She appraises them briefly, and then launches into her story.

"You're probably wondering why I've called you here.  I'll be blunt:  I need your help.  I was recently contacted by a group of Syndicate defectors who told me that Muro -my brother and former head of the Syndicate- was working on several secret projects when we killed him.  We have suspected this for some time, but haven't had a chance to follow up on it without any solid evidence.  Now comes the first chance we have, and the TCTF is in crisis.  So, I've called you three here to investigate these experiments for me.  Don't worry, you'll be well compensated."

Mai stopped for a breath, and continued, "According to the information we have, cargo bound for Muro's projects passed through this building before continuing to their final destination."  Mai points to an industrial compound on the edge of the city (G1) as she speaks.  "I want you to go there and see if you can figure out anything.  Whether it be where they shipped to next, or what the cargo contained.  That is, if you're all up to the task?"

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#24 16/1/12 0:41


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

4:45 AM, TCTF HQ

Jan listens to Mai as she talks and thinks to himself

"She just mentioned something about some 'syndicate experiments' didn't she? Where do I think I seen something about that before? Someone must have had intel on it at one point. Gordon? Jordyn? Geoffrey?... Oh shit..."

Jan tries to keep paying attention to what Mai is saying, and begins to realize that the ARI sunglasses he has on has an onboard computer. Jan thinks about accessing intel on the people around him and suddenly sees outlines appear around everyone in the room. Within moments text begins to appear by the outlines



"Damn, he's still kicking after all these years? Surprised that asshole is still alive..."

Jan focuses from his thoughts again and looks towards Mai, not knowing who she is


"The hell, what makes -this- officer so special her file is a giant wall of black ink?"

Jan closes down the intel manager on the ARI and begins to think about a journal he remembers

Nondescript time, nondescript location

Jan read several lines in lingo that made no sense to him. He saw the word "Chrysalis" underlined several times along with things about genetic engineering and other odd ideas.

"...Probably just a plot outline for some fanfic the now deceased shithead was writing..."

Jan promptly throws the journal off the side of the rooftop and spits on Geoffrey's corpse

"One down, atleast another hundred to go... Just me, my gun, and an--- Screw it, I get in another situation like that and I'm dead."

Jan walks to the elevator and presses the down arrow and waits. No noise comes from the elevator.

"It's no good! I can't do it!"

Jan hits the elevator button several more times, at least 3 times a second

"It's no good! I can't do it!"

Jan turns around towards a stairwell, and shrugs

"They all swarmed that wing. It's suicide."

Jan turns around toward the center of the building and sees an opportunity to get down a fire escape on the opposite side of the building, and begins running across. Suddenly his leg feels unusually warm and he falls to his side off the edge.

"SON OF A--"

Jan grabs on to a lightpost off the side of the building and begins breathing. The noise of a motorcycle fills his head as he begins to lose his grip and falls. Then, blackness.

The blackness fades away in a blur and Jan sees someone who appears to be an ally in cover shooting towards the inside of the building. Jan pulls a plasma rifle out of the still warm hands of a now dead ally and runs to cover next to the ally.

"Where are our reinforcements?"

The ally looks over at Jan perplexed, still shooting towards a desk in the building

"They came here half an hour ago! Where have -you- been!?!?"

"Don't really know that myself..."

"Oh great... Anyway in the meantime I need you to help me get to the gate controls on the third floor security room. They locked the gate down, and until it is open, this is nothing more than a poorly executed siege... On our part, not theirs!"

"What? Where are those reinforcements you talked about anyway?"

"Right here! I know we have an agent in that wing" The soldier points to the structure behind him "But I have no idea how much progress they made on unfucking the situation!"

Jan shrugs and begins shooting where the soldier is shooting

"So, please explain to me what--"

"Vozʹmite etu zhopy! Die vy ublyudki!"

"...That explains everything..."

The soldier presses a button on his earpiece and talks

"For god's sake we still have hostiles in the atrium, where the hell are you! We need your support now or we are---"

A body suddenly falls through the glass ceiling and explodes

"Holy shit! All clear here!"

Jan begins to shift most of his focus as Mai finishes up talking.

"Aye, Mam"

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#25 16/1/12 10:55


Re: Oni Roleplay: Roleplay

4:45 N14

Rich emerges from a medical tent looking ragged. After running his hands across his face he half falls on a bench. Another TCTF medic emerges (high ranking from his appearance) from the tent and lights up.

There is a thoughtful silence broken by the other medic.

"really thought he was gonna make it..."

Rich gives a laugh and then slams his fist on the bench. His face burns with anger.

"................DAMN IT!!!!!"

The medic looks on, knowing from experience there is no comfort he can bring. Rich calms down a bit and his breathing returns to normal. There is another silence.

"Oh Rich, rumor has it that the Commander has some OP planned, "

He exhales some smoke

"We're not sure if she wants a medic to go with, but if she does, I can recommend you first"

Rich looks over at the Medic somewhat puzzled

"Word also has it that Vince is goin' thought you might want to be there with him Rich. It's probably dangerous as hell."

Rich stands now energized

"You could get me on the task force?"

"why not, your not a noobie, now this stuff is very hush-hush, and it might not even happen, but if it does I'll do my best for ya"

Another exhalation of smoke

"Thanks Sato"

Sato slaps him on the arm

"you're just so damn ugly I want you out of here"

Rich laughs and begins to walk away

"I'm serious Rich.........you're ugly...."

Rich stares back for a second

They both laugh.

Rich grabs a mask and begins towards the command tent. Hoping that he will be of use to his friend and the force.

-1 AP

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