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Chris Doak's Epic No. 2- The Horrible Hypo of Doom

Click here if you want to know how to get a hypo placed into the game for no reason than to get people to make guides about how to get it...



Skinning Konoko.

No Oni Mods you all whine! Well....


I think one of the coolest thing about altering TXMP's with OniTools is that it affects the graphics in the cinematic scenes too! This shot was taken during the scene at the beginning of the TCTF Regional HQ (redux) level, when Konoko shoots the glass out and drops from above. I altered the Iteration002/k4_jacket resource in the level18 .dat file. I'm also attatching the altered .pict file. If you post it on your site, other people can use OniTools to import this new TXMP if they want Konoko to have this Tshirt in their game too! I've experimented with changing the color of the shirt, but you have to actually alter 3 files to do that, so I'm sending this as a simple version. How come I don't see any cool texturemap work out there? The possibilities are endless...




Killing Mukade in Level 9

It IS possible. And only wone site tells you how...


PIC 1 (left)after you jumped out of the window,mukade will be on your left

PIC 2 use any weapon to knock him down

PIC 3 use screaming cannon to move him out

PIC 4 after he is out,you can do anything to him. he wont get up and he wont die.



Onishots Weapon Quick Referance Card

Yep, the name says it all - print it out to save all your weapon worries!

Click here for full size



And yes, I did have fun making those lens flares... (C=


Chris Doak's Epic - Over/Under the Airport with no cheats...

Click here if you have a strong stomach...

(just kidding, it's great, and worth it)

How To Cheat

Before you can use any of the cheat codes, you need to alter one of the files in your root Oni folder. The persist.dat file has to be hacked open and slightly altered (if you don't have persist.dat, play the game and reach a save point, then quit).

For instructions on how to do this for the Mac, try here (thanks to Binhqx for this).

For the PC, try here (thanks to Bravehamster for his instructions)

But it's much easier to download the files opposite :) Just make a copy of your old persist.dat and use this new one instead.



Choose the relevant file and save it to your Oni root folder.
  shapeshifter - Change Characters
liveforever - Invincibility

touchofdeath - Omnipotence

canttouchthis - Unstoppable

fatloot - Fat Loot (Ammo+Health)

glassworld - Glass Furniture

winlevel - Instantly Win Level

loselevel - Instantly Lose Level

bighead - Big Head Mode

minime - Mini Mode

superammo - Super Ammo Mode

reservoirdogs - Last Man Standing Mode (AIs fight with each other)

roughjustice - Gatling Guns Mode

chenille - Daodan Power Mode

behemoth - Godzilla Mode

elderrune - Regeneration

moonshadow - Phase Cloak

munitionfrenzy - Weapons Locker Created

fistsoflegend - Fists Of Legend Mode

killmequick - Ultra Mode

carousel - Slow Motion Mode

Cheat Codes

To use the following codes, hit F1 while playing the game to bring up the help/inventory window. Then type in the codes. You should get a confirmation that each code has worked.

To disable a feature, just type in the code again.

Notes on codes:

Fists of Legend mode makes your enemy fly further when punched.

Killmequick makes the bad guys live longer.

Moonshadow - invisibility, but only when you're not attacking or being attacked.

Shapeshifter lets you change characters using the F8 key, but you can only change to characters that are already in the level you're playing in. i.e. you can't choose Muro in the warehouse level.

Carousel is a great mode to take screenshots in :)



Under the Airport (Level 4)

all credit goes to DanPerkins for first posting this and the warehouse trick on the oni.bungie.org forums

I found out to get under the airport on level 4, here goes. Go out onto the tarmac and turn glassworld on so everything is glass. Then shoot out the fences that line the border of the tarmac. Run around in the forbidden for a bit and you should find the two places where there are no buildings or anything keeping you from going off the map (in the two far corners I think). Jump off and have fun.

If you want to see something really strange, jump off the edge of the area under the normal map, but turn invincibility on first ("liveforever"). You'll fall 10 stories but you'll survive when you hit the ground. Kinda. Go try it, it's fun.

I included two screenshots I took, one underneath the tarmac and one on the wrong side of the little blue room where the level ends. Enjoy.


Falling off the edge of the world
(behemoth and chenille powerups on)






Over the Airport (Level 4)
courtesy of Anon E. Mus


1)Go to the area directly after using the console to unlock the first locked
door in the level (there are seats, two strikers (one blue, one tan), and a
civilian who gives you an ammo clip [see pic]), and turn on the "behemoth"
(Godzilla Mode) cheat code (and the "liveforever" (Invincibility) cheat just
in case. You never know where you might land...)

2)Jump onto the rail to the left, near the locked door and the burning blue
console, separating the seating from the pseudo-hallway.

3)Now, dash along the rail, towards the wall. Just as you reach the end,
veer off to the left, and do a jump-flip (jump+crouch) onto the burning
console. (this might take some practice)

4)Konoko should now be standing halfway through the roof! Just jump, and
you'll be free to run around on the roof to your heart's content :)


Over the Airport (Level 4) contd.

Investigations by just-a

Once you're on the roof, you can go all sorts places. Try out the airplane wings (1) for a start. Make your way towards the start of the level, except on the roof. Near where the "Welcome to the Airport" sign is on the road outside, still on the roof, you'll find a large open roofspace. Drop down into it, and you'll find yourself behind the walls of the first lobby seating area (2).

If you jump off the roof on the "outside" of the terminal building, you'll be under the airport (see above...).

If you bypass the corridor which triggers the gangway explosion (with the machine-gunner on top), you can walk up to the unexploded gangway (3). You can't go up it though, you just fall through.

[In fact, can you get into the upper area between the two broken gangways at all...? -Ed.]










It IS possible!

Congrats to Ackbar on the oni.bungie.org forum for first managing this.

Well, only one day after I asked was it possible to get to the room above the broken gangway (see above), Ackbar has done it using ingenuity, lateral thinking, perseverance and...cheats :)

So how do you do it? He used the baggage racks as a stepping stone to get over, but you have to a) jump farther than normal and b) use Air Control (see the tips) to do it.

(1) Turn on "behemoth" and "chenille" first. Chenille gives you that extra power to make the leap.

(2) Run up the gangway opposite the broken one, and just after going over the edge hit and hold Jump, and then hit Crouch. You should just make it...

(3) Now to get around that pillar. Turn on "carousel" so you can control the leap in slow motion. Do another running jump off the edge, and turn in mid-air (using a flip if necessary) until you land on the other side of the pillar.

(4) Now it's an easy jump from here onto the upper part of the broken gangway.

(5) About to go and discover the hidden secrets in the Forbidden Room...


--NEW-- It IS possible! Takes 2 and 3

The hidden room saga continues.

It seems there is more than one way of getting into the hidden room (see above for the first solution). Screenshots without explanations have been appearing on the oni.bungie.org forums, so I decided to find out the solution myself...

First of all, you can apply Ackbar's method in reverse, approaching the hidden room from the far side and using the baggage racks on that side to get to the far door of the hidden room, which conveniently opens for you.

The second method involves going outside onto the roof, using the method from above (see Anon E Mus's Over the Airport cheat above).

Once on the roof, you can go back to normal size (do "behemoth" again). Run along until you come to the area above the broken gangway inside, and jump down onto the sloping lower roof on your left. (1)

There's a gap between this roof and the hidden room' s floor, which is largest near the edge of the sloping roof. Crouch down and crawl into that gap. (2)

Now stand up. Your upper body should be sticking through the floor.(3)

Walk forward and jump up, and you're inside the room. (4)

You can taunt the Mad Bomber guy as much as you want, he won't even notice you. (5)

You can't hit him, but you can shoot him....Turn on "glassworld", shoot him off the edge, and watch the ensuing fireworks!









Over The Warehouse (Level 1)

DanPerkins again, with method and pictures

---Click the pictures for fullsize versions---

Find these crates (1), they are directly above the second save point, I think. Right where that stupid guy runs up to sound the alarm. Kill him, then get big ("bohemoth"). Flip jump up onto the first (2), then do a dash jump onto the next (3). From here it's simple to jump straight onto the roof (4). Have fun running around (5)up there!

Extra bonus: If you jump down ("liveforever") you can find this one room (6)at the end of the warehouse. It's the room behind the last set of doors before you enter the big rooms with the trucks, you never get to open these doors. Watch out, though. Once you go in you can't get out, not that I've found at least.


Tons o' Guns

Even though its only a demo, you can try out all the weapons that'll be in the full game. Cheat by using "munitionfrenzy" to get a pile of weaponry at your feet. The pile fades away after 20 seconds or so, so you'll have to do the cheat multiple times to try them all out.

Try doing the cheat when standing on a sloped area...the guns will slide down and be easier to distinguish from each other.

Use "superammo" to get infinite ammo as well.


  We apologise for the lack of picture,
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The Guts of Oni

courtesy of ZeroRage

Have you ever looked at a hexdump of the Oni executable? If so you may have seen a list of interesting characters, such as: PPK? No need to stop there, check out http://puma.dpg.devry.edu/~twojtasz and you will find a file containing most of the interesting text from the executable, including script commands, the cheats, and other interesting finds.

</plug> ;)


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