Tips and Tricks

A poseur camera script

Julian Fong, in his attempt to capture a sneeze on camera, went one better and has written a static camera script of sorts (see opposite).

By replacing your current warehouse_training_scripts.bsl file with this one (rename your old one first), you can enjoy seeing full frontal Konoko action. Make sure you give the new script the same name as the old one.

After the Sneeze and Yawn, you can run around and perform moves right up in front of the camera. Or just stand there gazing in adoration into her eyes, if you're into that sort of thing...

If you could use guns as well, you could get some great screenshots..another ChallengeLite?


Left: She's gonna blow!
Middle: Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears...
Right: In a contemplative mood

just-a's Airport Schematic

Comprehensive Airport Map

Just-a has sent us a great schematic overview of the Airport level, with positions of enemies, civilians and ammo stashes all marked. He even notes which civilians are carrying what!

Click the picture opposite to get a full-size view in a new window.


Air Control

Oni lets you change direction while in mid-air, violating about 14 fundamental laws of physics in the process. Quake and Unreal players will recognise this ability.

You can use this technique to go down to flights of stairs in one huge jump: just run at the top, jump off holding down the jump key, add a mid-air flip with the crouch key (for style), and turn around the corner as you pass the dividing wall between the two flights.

You can also use the jump-flip-turn to get onto gangways from the "wrong" direction far more quickly than normal.





Secret Red Ammo in Airport (level 4)

by just-a

When you first go out onto the airfield, turn left instead of right and run towards the far fence and large containers (1)..

Go to the farthest right of the three, and jump-flip up onto it using the small box provided.

Now dash-jump-flip onto the other two containers (2) (you might need to go to the points where the gaps are narrowest).

Tada! More ballistic ammo for your pleasure (3).


Unlike other games I could mention, you need to be careful with ammo when reloading weapons. Ammo left in the old clip is lost totally, rather than being added on to your remaining amount.

So, no reloading before every corner or else you'll only have one clip in the gun left.

Just one more reason to forgo metal for flesh.





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