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#1 01/09/21 14:01

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Omega Tournament Source (for modders)

If you are looking for the release level thread look here instead:

This thread is to help anyone that want to work with the source files of the mod itself (most likely for learning purposes), if you just want to comment, download or play the mod itself look at the thread link above.


Finally I am releasing the Omega Tournament source files that I promised!

You can download the source files here (around 1.5 GB).

These source files are useful for new modders that want to learn and experiment with custom level modding in Oni.

You should be able to build the entire Omega Tournament level from these files.

It may be useful to check first the video tutorials that I uploaded while working in this level. You can check them here.

Here's the readme:


These are the Omega Tournament (1.0f) source files.

I decided to release this as it may be very helpful for people that
want to learn about custom level's modding in Oni.

Please check OmegaTournamentSourceQuickStartGuide.txt for a
quick start.

You are free to use and modify this files as long you give the
respective credits to the file authors and respect their licenses
(for my specific files there is no specific license but please give me

s10k, 29-01-2021

Thanks a lot to alloc for the hosting!

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#2 01/29/21 09:01

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Re: Omega Tournament Source (for modders)

The source files have been released, check first post.


#3 01/29/21 10:01

From: NC, USA
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Re: Omega Tournament Source (for modders)

Cool, I'll check this out, thanks.

Check out the Anniversary Edition Seven at ae.oni2.net!


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