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#76 17/1/16 19:31

From: Lebanon
Registered: 4/9/09

Re: New Character : Grey Fury 2.0 Updated on 21/1/2012

i will make smp conversion incompatible with dashing ai and dashing blur, though I don't know why it is happening.

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#77 18/1/16 9:09

Registered: 14/1/16

Re: New Character : Grey Fury 2.0 Updated on 21/1/2012

sad Bummer, i really liked the challenge of Dashing AI, how multiple foes gang up on you and evasive maneuvers were more relevant than just sprinting away and luring them is.

BTW i noticed that none of the furys from her level and subsequent levels have Dashing AI applied to them, so it's only applied to the male syndicate characters, dream Konoko and all the TCTFs. Also Brutal AI says it changes male profiles, is this because the syndicate females AI can't be modified or maybe geyser/EdT could have overlooked them when making the Dashing AI mod? I don't know how AI works, it just seems strange to me the Grey Fury boss bugs and the Regenerating Tanker doesn't when they both have the glow, colors when they hit, etc.

Also can the Pkg# of the Grey Fury mod increase over the Dashing AI's 42000 so maybe it doesn't override something and doesn't bug anymore?


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