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#1 22/3/07 15:46

Registered: 22/3/07

Problem with right click.

I just started playing Oni on a mac for the first time.  I have tried both the classic and OSX port and I encounter this problem either way:  I can't set right click on my mouse to be kick.  I have edited the key configuration and bound mousebutton 2 to kick and that didn't work, and I tried mousebutton 3 but no luck.  I use a kensington mouse, I'm not sure what model.  Please help, I can't stand to play this whole game having to use a key for kick.


#2 22/3/07 15:57

From: beyond the veil
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: Problem with right click.

1) F for punch and C for kick are fine (especially when you're in close quarter, can't allow to fire and have no time to holster).
2) If you look for "Kensington" here, you'll find another user for whom Kensington mice were a serious penalty: no solution.
Try to update your mouse's driver. Also try another mouse. You can also wait until EdT comes around (I'm on PC).

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#3 22/3/07 17:09

From: Los Angeles, CA
Registered: 13/1/07

Re: Problem with right click.

ul49: Does your Kensinton mouse work normally in OSX, for example if you right click the desktop, do you get the contextual menu?

In Classic, not matter what mouse you use, Oni does not recognize the right mouse button. :-)


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