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#1 19/2/18 14:25

From: NC, USA
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Tools for Oni 2: Death and Taxes

(Well, these days we're calling it "Oni 2 (Angel Studios)", especially since the internal strings identify the game as "Oni 2: Rebirth", and "Oni 2: Death and Taxes" is kind of cheesy... but I digress.  On the greater Internet, the developer build of this cancelled game has come to be known as "Oni 2: Death and Taxes", so that's what I'm calling it here.)

Below are a couple technical tools for players who want to see more of the unfinished game.  New tools may be added here in the future.

First, the leak of the ISO was originally discussed here in 2016: http://oni.bungie.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3029

Since then, two things have happened:

1. I've done a little exploration of the launch arguments for the game, but there's lots of room for someone else to experiment and try to get more of them working.  Launch arguments can be used to change settings in the game, and to load any level by name. They're documented here.
2. We've discovered, with geyser's help, that the Oni 2 disc actually has 95 "levels" (called layouts), not the 15 that are seen in the Load Game menu.  Disclaimer: about a quarter of the 95 layouts do not work.  Some of the ones that do are very small.  But some of them are quite interesting.  They're documented here.

So here are the tools that have been made for working with the Oni 2 dev build.
1. PS2 Launch Args.  I had to assemble a kit (Windows-only) that lets me pass launch arguments to PS2 games in the emulator PCSX2.
2. Oni 2 (AS) Layout Patch Tool.  This tool unlocks (that is, adds to the Load Game menu) the additional, hidden layouts.  This makes it unnecessary to use the PS2 Launch Args kit if you are only interested in the "-layout" argument.

byproducts are fine, but where's the beef?


#2 20/2/18 6:37

From: Portugal
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: Tools for Oni 2: Death and Taxes

This is interesting. Thanks for the time documenting this.


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