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#1 10/9/16 17:53

Johnny Snake
Registered: 24/12/15

Install Oni and AE on Ubuntu 14.04 (or any other version)

Could someone please make a step-to-step guide on how to install Oni on Ubuntu 14.04 (or any other Ubuntu for that matter)?

I believe any ubuntu would work, since it uses WineHQ. I had installed Shogo already, but it's easy because its Play On Linux ready program.

I Love Oni and would love to play on my notebook. If it's possible, could someone help the community with a tutorial?

Thanks in advance



#2 18/10/16 8:53

From: Germany, Niedersachsen
Registered: 1/5/14

Re: Install Oni and AE on Ubuntu 14.04 (or any other version)

Are you having problems with launching the game from WINE? I tested it using my Xubuntu 16.04, and it works great out of the box!

There is a huge issue with the guns tho, as I fired a rapid gun (with many particles), I experienced huge latency issues. When you try out wine, can you check for me if you can reproduce this problem please?

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