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#26 25/3/10 5:47

From: Lebanon
Registered: 4/9/09

Re: Certain Animation

Striker u're welcome smile I hope u don't mind I made some additional changes ...

Gumby made a good point robots shouldn't be affected there tongue ...

so here's a new package :

this one will affect all male characters except robots smile
it required TRAC and TRAM editing ...

another note striker : always make sure the string number in the info mod file is the same as the number of the folder : u had this in the Mod_Info.cfg file :
ModString -> 10000JewelFix 1
However the folder was 50000JewelFix ... which caused unsuccessful installation ... I fixed that for you ...

here's the new package on the depot :

If u like add it to the first post for easier excess and remove the old download link ... also u should claim a section on the "The Authoritative Third-Party Mod Directory" thread  http://oni.bungie.org/community/forum/v … hp?id=1355
and add this mod and your future mods to the list for easier access smile

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#27 15/9/14 14:25

Registered: 14/9/14

Re: Certain Animation

hey there, i was wondering if there is maybe an easier way to perform a front kick in the nuts, instead of the willow kick. Is it possible to create one, as you can see for example in URBAN CHAOS? Just a front kick to the groin, like every girl does it big_smile


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