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#1 17/1/08 22:00

Seventeen Seconds
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Oni 1.5 Weapons Suite and 3d Requests

These date back to the first major push at Oni Central to create our own sequel, as I was learning how to model with XSI.  As the mod crew has reached the point where they can put in 3d models and alter weapon characteristics, at this point they might be useful. The intention was to fill in the gap between the Mercury Bow and the pistol -- they were designed to be deadly (as are modern weapons), balanced against Oni's combat dynamic by making aiming more difficult and differentiating armored and unarmored targets.  Credit to Geyser for encouraging me to post them after all this time.  Notes:

- Creative sources are mostly Lorraine's concept art and Ghost in the Shell.  AEG rifle is based off this image.  Don't ask me where it's really from.
- AEG should be dual trigger -- it is designed as a combined rifle and grenade laucher similar to the MA-75B from Marathon (which incidentally is well worth the time to check out yourselves).
- These models are designed to be low-poly and streamlined for the sake of game speed.  Deleting the triggers might be worth the pain, but I advise potential 3d artists from overcomplicating things.  They are not scaled to either Oni or eachother.  OBJ format.
- I don't claim to be a 2d artist.  Anyone wishing to take a stab at the textures is welcome, I will upload the stamped UVs on Oni2.net.

I've got more complicated and interesting weapons kicking around, including a chaingun and several rocket launchers.  If there's interest in them and they can realistically be put into the game, I can finish them.  Anyone who can help with textures will get them out a lot faster.  Geyser also talked to me about possible creating a few extra character models.  Any other good ideas by the mod crew or insightful forum peeps will be considered.  No guarantees as to when, of course.

EDIT:  Files are hosted privately, send PM for link.  Public link soon at Oni2.net.



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