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#101 9/9/12 12:00


Re: Creating new animations (TRAMS) for Oni.

Yes in the dopesheet.. you have something like select region(or manually select all frames)...Tab and then hold "middle(witch wheel) mouse button and then start shrinking the animation.. It worked for me and i also have XSI mod tools ver. 7.5.

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#102 10/9/12 5:36


Re: Creating new animations (TRAMS) for Oni.

Well sorry for double post but..
I worked on this skeleton thing in XSI - I'm tried probably every possible trick to not kill parenting.. but from my observation it's impossible to do this. Why.. well even if i managed to create bones for skeleton.. i have to attach the parts to them(automatic parenting kill). adding ik chains= parenting kill. It's seems that only skinning could remove this problem(because it's only possibility to add part to the bone, and not kill the parenting) .. but we all know that the skeined models are not allowed(or I'm wrong) in ONI not to mention multi skined.
Well it was a worth a try ad last.....to bad it was missed shot.

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#103 1/7/13 21:14


Re: Creating new animations (TRAMS) for Oni.

While working on Sarai's new animations I found a way to quickly and effectively speed up or slow down animations without having to manually cut frames. I don't know if others knew about this, I didn't so here it is ^_^:

1 select all body parts

2. open the "Animation Editor" it's in the main shelf, its icon is a curve graph .. not the dope sheet

3. In the Animation Editor window click the "Edit" menu then click "Select All Curves"  then click "Edit" Menu again and select "Select All Keys"
Now all the dots on the curves are selected (red)

4.Now press B or select the "Stretch Keys" in the Animation Editor window, its icon is the arrow with a cross near it.
Now position the mouse arrow on the first frame usually 0 and press and hold the left mouse click to resize the entire curve stretch it towards the zero frame to shorten it (speed up the animation) and away from the zero frame to elongate it (slow animation down)
the x axis represents how many frames it is.
In the screenshots I shortened the animation from 70 to about 50 Frames

5.Play the animation and make sure everything is ok .. if needed apply the "Make Rotation Keys Continous"

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