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#1 04/02/12 03:04

From: VY CMa
Registered: 05/17/08

Konoko three-in-one V1.3(Updated on 20/5/2012) - new combat class

Konoko new combat class : shapeshifter to konoko_generic2 and play

old "Konoko three-in-one" is script mod and original by cooolmelody

new combat: p p p p+ p p  k k k k Nine attack can be infinite , and other skills are change and you can try it
make konoko can use superninja's fireball
kick_heavy is from 23610Hayate kick_heavy

Video: http://mv.baidu.com/export/flashplayer. … e0fa3f290e

download here: http://mods.oni2.net/node/201

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#2 01/24/13 18:01

From: Lebanon
Registered: 09/04/09

Re: Konoko three-in-one V1.3(Updated on 20/5/2012) - new combat class

just a note changed package number to 24250 as the 8**** range is for level mods, so if you ever update this pack gmsly keep this number

P.S: you may also want to add the TRAMs for tanker getups to her TRAC because now when she does tanker's run kick and tanker's elbow drop that you gave her, she can't get up.

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