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#1 31/1/12 22:32


God I hate spammers.

I'm making this topic because just today that poloabc dude riddled the forums with commercials for "CLOTHES CHEEP!!1!!!1!" and all that other assorted crap. I seem to recall the exact same thing happened a few months ago. I HATE it when forums are flooded with spam like that. It wastes time and pisses me off.

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#2 31/1/12 23:47


Re: God I hate spammers.

That's nice honey. There are way more bots that you don't spot, and they get deleted fairly quickly so I see no issue...

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#3 1/2/12 7:37


Re: God I hate spammers.

Don't waste any time talking about them, they're gone before you know it.

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