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#26 24/12/11 13:20

From: NC, USA
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Re: Do SLDs have blood?

Well, he does have the ability to detect the neural link between Konoko and Shinatama, as seen in Chapter 5 when Muro tells his comguy to have Barabas retrieve the SLD.  So it's possible that Bungie was thinking along those lines.

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#27 25/12/11 12:51

From: Ottawa, Ontario - Canada
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Re: Do SLDs have blood?

Too bad he wasn't blocking any Incoming signals smile
Although that might just be because he wasn't there at that time.

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#28 25/12/11 19:43

Lukas Kreator
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Re: Do SLDs have blood?

Makes sense... If Muro left at the same time Kojiro did, and Kojiro was the one jamming the signal, Griffin would have inevitably lost the chance to kill him. Konoko would then be the second best option.

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#29 31/12/11 18:56

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Re: Do SLDs have blood?


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#30 1/1/12 9:35

From: San Mauro Torinese, Italy
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Re: Do SLDs have blood?

I think TCTF had a way to track the position of Shinatama, or at least to know more or less the area she were in (that explains how Konoko was able to know she was in the processor, right?), but I'm not sure at all that Shinatama could transmit at all, so they had no way of knowing when she was close to Muro.

They surely were monitoring Konoko, that's how they discovered when they were close enough.
Regarding the self-distruction signal, I see two options:
1) It's a very simple signal, just a trigger, easy to be sent even at great distance;
2) much more creepy, they actually sent the signal using Konoko's equipment!

Ad yes, Shinatama was damn annoying at times. But I would be glad to see her again in an eventual (very improbable, OK…) Oni 2.

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