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#126 2/12/09 8:12

From: Singapore
Registered: 25/3/09

Re: Oni Joint Story, Second Installment: Punishment

reviews anyone? Is it too fast? Slow? Too out of the story line? Too horrible? Cmon you can tell me O_O dosent mean you respond yougotta write another big long essay to continue the story O_O

D'oh! Why didnt any1 told me you guys createed a "Oni" section for fantic. Now i feel so left out =.=

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#127 27/4/13 17:42

From: Dota 2
Registered: 27/4/13

Re: Oni Joint Story, Second Installment: Punishment

Can i have a link to where this mystical magical place where the story continues....i just cannot fathom a story such as this without a ending.. THERE MUST BE A ENDING... sry for caps

What does it matter? Even if the odds are against me, I'll do it, it doesn't matter.


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