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#1 23/5/09 15:36

Ire Yosuke
Registered: 23/5/09

A lil story.

Still some typos but I'm just being lazy. Anyway, here's a lil bio on my char and how I'd see myself in Oni wink

Name: Ire Yosuke 
Age: 26
Height: 1.76cm
Specialisation: Hand to Hand , Heavy weapons.
Profession:  Black Ops
Organisation: TCTF  (Technological and Crime Task Force)
Armor: TCTF Black ops balistic plated armor.
            Stops a AK-74 7.62mm bullet
            Helmet has integrated comm module
Weapons: Combat Knife (belt)
                MG 42 (ammo belt type, back)
                Campbell Equaliser (handgun, leg)

    Incorprated into TCTF at the age of 16. Formerly a boy with aspirations which coudn't come true. At the age of 14 he abandoned his family in order to travel to Japan. Due the lack of language skill as wel las funds he signed up to a gang. It is only known that the gang was named "Scarlet Crown" and was a minor force in the underground. After the TCTF troops led a succesful raid on the "Scarelt's Crown" base camp Ire was taken prisoner. However being underage he would be either sent to the borstal or deported. Deportation procedures were put to a stop as Ire himself decided to go to the brostel upon information that his family died in a fire. TCTF decided not to issue offical charges if Ire would be a plug into the underground. The choice was obvious. Having expirienced much trauma from the brutal gangs in the past, Ire slowly helped to neutralise smaller groups. At the age of 17 he was recodgnized as high class intelligence agent. Things changed when the Syndicate emerged. Small gropus united, others scattered. Slowly creeping the threat of Syndicate grew. At the age of 18 Ire was promoted an officer. At the age of 20 he was assigned to special operations team. The team would deal with various actions that should not be made public. One such action involwes a raid on the Syndicate research laboratory. In the following incident Kerr Hasegawa and a 7 years old Mai Hasegawa came to be captured and Ire was promoted to Black Ops, a team which dealed with the darkests of secrets. He was assigned to train Mai Hasegawa aka "Konoko" in the forms of Hand to Hand combat. Also he was advised to cover up all the traces leading to her past. Not trully aware of the situation he did as he was orders. Within following years Konko surpassed Ire and many other instructors in all forms of combat. Ire was forced to step aside for the time being. Later on he would be joining the commanding oficer aka "Griffin" to aid Konko in battle against her brother Muro...

Full version:


            I stood before the child. She was odd. About the age of seven, but with purple hair. Laying next to her was her uncle. Ker Hasegawa. He was all beaten up, the place itself as well. The doors were blasted open by Yatri. There was a lot of equipment which I couldn’t even define. Seemed like a lab. Exactly as stated in the report. All around there were bodies of syndicate troops. I inserted the Cambell Equalizer pistol into the holster. Why was I here?

            It all started when I was 14. My family was not rich. We managed to tie the ends. But living in the suburbs of Moscow was not pleasant. I any sense. From the window in my room I saw the huge metropolis. Hover cars running on the highway, a hellish glow every night. People, a crowd, a mass that I didn’t know. In the suburbs it was a bit more empty than in the city. So many people, walking, talking. Hmm.. And the sounds of the city, cars, police or fire sirens.. Yells. Not to mention the ever present, lung consuming dark smog.. Sometimes I wondered how it would be to live there but the inner city, the most beautiful part was unavailable to such low class people such as ourselves. My mother ran a coffee shop downstairs. So you can imagine that the smell of coffee was everywhere. My dad was a former policeman. A bullet went through his spine once, since then he’s been doing drugs. Started lightly at first, but when I was 14 he was just a vegetable . Locked in his chair and brain damaged by the drugs. I can’t remember much more. I was still young and a bit crazy. Full of dreams and wishes. I wanted to take my parents to the inner city. I knew that it would require a lot of effort from me… Mostly money and prestige… One day I sat at the brown round table in our small kitchen. A big window was directed onto the city. I kept on thinking, then my mother came from the store below. She carried a newspaper, it was late evening, so the shop was closed. The strong smell of coffee faded slowly as my mother prepared supper. Again some beans and a lot of synthetic food. I never liked it but I had to go with it. We both faded into our thoughts… Father was on the edge of death and the income we had wasn’t sufficient to keep him alive... and us as well. I knew it was a burden, I was failing my education badly. I was a good student but I failed in the subjects that didn’t interest me and I could never get myself to like them. When I stopped day dreaming I looked at the newspaper mother brought. Some news. A car accident, mob actions… TCTF? Technological and Crime Task Force. There was an article where TCTF made a successful antimob errand in the western borders of Russia. Further more, it was stated that they were recruiting. Good pay and probably prestige. I knew I was young but the add said “Every one can work within TCTF”. That night I packed my things. True. I never knew my father before we was incapacitated. Any my mother? Hmm… I loved her in a way but she was always sad or angry. She loved my father so much. Sometimes I felt ostracized by my family, as if these two shared some unique bond to which I had no reach. I remember the days spent in my room. Not coming out, just playing some games borrowed from my friends. That’s how my childhood was. A bit lonely. But I’ve always had those computer heroes as friends… Interactive technology kept me in the world of dreams. Perhaps even too much.

            I closed the door from my house. A shady gray tenement house. Big glass windows mixed with heavy concrete construction just like in the old times. Nostalgic a bit. Then I’ve hit the road. Traveling through known towards unknown. I would have to reach the other end of Russia so I could sign up for the TCTF. Yes, I had to be there in person. I passed the buildings and the people. I think it was midnight but the city never sleeps. Eyes of beggars and citizens, gang members and plain folk followed me everywhere I’ve went. My destination was the train station, of corse I couldn’t afford a ticket. I would have to try and sneak in and that’s exactly what happened. Upon arrival I saw the train that according the internet data base was going in a straight line to Wladywostok. What I did was that I’ve managed to reach the loading zone for the cargo. I threw out someone else’s clothes and various other objects and locked myself in the huge suitcase. I managed to get some painkillers from my dad’s cabinet. I took a bunch and went to sleep. Otherwise I wouldn’t make it to Wladywostok in one piece. Yeah… It was like that. But all dreams shatter in confrontation with reality. For days I wandered the town. Like a ghost. Begging for food, stealing if I had to. It was cold. Snow was everywhere, I managed to stay warm by sitting on the air vents from the canals. They stank but they were warm. It was a hostile environment. The city itself was ran mostly by the mob. Every wall had a sign telling you who’s territory it is. Blood shed was common here. The Police? Please, in such a hole, which hasn’t changed for ages now, why would they care? The huge blocks looked just like in history books. Tall, ugly, square with parts of them falling off. Some lacked whole walls even, non the less people kept living there. There were few new buildings in the city. Even the connection with the internet was scarce. I had to make money to move further south and at this rate I wasn’t able to make anything more beyond my basic needs. I’ve tried to work honestly but that wasn’t the best idea. I was treated like a dog, worse even. At one time I managed to get a job in a restaurant as a dish washer. The pay was lousy and the work shift was fourteen hours and if you broke a dish you wouldn’t receive any payment for this day. But I guess it was better than nothing.

            I was 15 then. During a nice cold and sunny day I was at the restaurant. Freshly out of bed, just getting ready for work when I’ve heard some argument upstairs. Yes, I was living in a basement, along with rats, mold and a few other things.

The argument was loud. Something about money. I guess the local gang came and demanded tribute. A gun shot followed. Some one dropped to the ground with a loud thud. I knew that the restaurant owner kept a gun in his room. I peaked outside, some mobsters with a scarlet crown tattoo on their arm were going over the place. The owner laid dead on the floor. His lifeless eyes were stuck on the ceiling. The mouth was opened and a lake of blood was forming around the corpse. Slowly and carefully I went to his room.

The room was very small, barley one person could live here. There was a cabinet and a drawer. The cabinet was full of old clothes and various objects of daily use. The drawer had some files, medicine and a gun. A very old gun. I had no idea what it was then but now I can tell that it was PPK7 9mm. A VERY old firearm. I’ve heard steps on the stairs. Then someone tried to open the door. Luckily I’ve locked it right after I’ve entered. They were using a crowbar, I could tell from the sound of pain the wood made.  I was terrified and I did what I did. I pulled the trigger. Actually I thought that the gun wouldn’t fire, but the trigger was sensitive… The shot sent my arm flying back, I had no idea that guns had a recoil. There was smoke and a tiny hole in the door. Some one screamed and cursed, I’ve crawled under the bed and that was a good decision, soon many bullets came seeking me. The door was almost broke down, I closed my eyes and pulled the gun close to myself. Click, click, click… That was the sound the trigger made when the clip was empty. Click, click, click . There was no more sounds. No nothing. Silence so dreadful that it seemed to be creeping from every corner, wanting to touch me, engulf me, followed. I decided not to open my eyes, I was afraid what of what I would see and what has been done here.

Some steps echoed. They were slow, as if touring. There was the sound of a cigarette being put down, the smell soon hit my nostrils. Sharp. It had to be a strong smoke. I slowly opened my eyes to se ea tall man, dressed in a long, black leather coat. He had long black hair and egg shaped shades. I couldn’t see his eyes but couldn’t help the sensation that he was looking at me.

-         Come.

That was the only word he said and the slow foot steps followed. I  crawled form under the bed, covered in cold dripping sweat and dust that got stuck to me. The doors were shattered and a river of blood moved through the tiled floor. What else was left for me here? If I’d stay the gang would be back and they would kill every one. No to mention that I hated this place. I can’t quite remember what was I thinking back then, perhaps I was in a shock but I followed that man.

His name was Guilbert Long Han. A Chinese mobster who moved to Russia after some incident he never spoke of. Till today I don’t know why he took me but I was invited into the “Scarlet Crown”. A big gang controlling a quarter of Wladywostok. As you can expect the gang wasn’t happy at all to see me, especially after they’ve heard what happened. I guess it was destiny that I met Guilbert, he was the right hand of boss Ymir Kotashenko. The one who ran the gang. In the following year I’ve learnt how to gain respect in the gang. Always on the run, if not stealing then ratting on other mobs. Soon I was respected member. I was competing with other kids my age, street fights were common, but thanks to my a bit dwarwish posture I had an advantage.

A couple of days before my 16th birthday TCTF raided our hideout. I didn’t know what was going on before it was too late. There were gun shots and even plasma rifles came into use. We were totally unprepared. After all why would TCTF have interest in Wladywostok? Little did I know that a week before a new sort of highly addictive drug was developed in the “Scarlet Crown” labs.

It was barley morning, the sun barley appeared on the sky,  I was stationed in the living section in an old hangar. It was cold, as usual. I looked at my mates sleeping besides me. All tired, dirty, beaten up. It was silent except for the talks of the guards and fire burning in the barrels. Then a massive explosion rippled throughout the air. I got up quickly but then the windows behind be crashed open and a tear gas grenade landed on the floor, I dashed outside only to see that the hangar doors have been blown out and a TCTF APC was unloading it’s troops. Others were rushing on foot. A gun fight started but we no chances against well armed and superiorly trained forces. I pulled out my gun and took aim… Not knowing from where a TCTF soldier appeared behind me. He grabbed my hand pulled it towards him, placed the whole weight of his body upon it by hitting it with his elbow with a half spin, he broke my arm, thus disarming me, I cried in pain and landed on the floor. A stun button hit me, I resisted but I was immobilized. I could see the gunfight, smoke, plasma bolts flew melting metal. It was clear that those guys were serious. In a way I should thank that trooper , thanks to the stunbutton I didn’t feel the pain of my broken arm. I faded into black…

When I woke up the pain was there, waiting for me, my arm was bandaged and the room was dark. I was alone… that’s what I thought for the first moment. When I sat up on the bench a light focused on me turned on…

- Name?

A rather aged man , I think he was in his 30’s then, a bit bold ob the top of his head and slowly appearing gray hair. He wore a blue vest on a white shirt, a red tie and brown pants. Next to him there were two TCTF troopers with stunbutons.

- Siergiej Kukov

- Age?

- Sixteen.


            The man paused to think for a moment, he took a clipboard and went over some papers.

-         Well then .. Siergiej we have two choices. Either you cooperate and get sent home or you oppose and knock on doors of a reformatory.

I was a rat since I was fifteen. For a year I’ve been gathering information and using them to my advantage. Plus I wasn’t indoctrinated by the “Scarlet Crown”. I chose the option of revealing everything I know.

            The interrogation took four hours. I told them every detail, every name, location.

When I asked when I’ll be released the answer was “Depends on the immigration office”. I was shocked to know that I’m in Japan. They moved all the captives here, I guess they feared a retaliation strike.

            I’ve spent two days in a 3x3m cell. Just bunk and a toilet. Food? Water and rice pulps. The room had white walls… Just imagine such a small space, nothing to do. A clock that kept telling you the time and a damned burning light behind a layer of bulletproof glass. All I could do was wait. I think they were trying to brake me. When the doors were finally opened I was moved to the interrogation room again… The same man sat there.

-         Well Sergiej, have you enjoyed your stay?

I just sat there watching him. He waved his hand and the troopers left the room.

      -     I’ll be honest with you. We’ve done some research on your history. What you told us 

             is true. We also managed to find your family in Moscow. They’re dead.

My eyes  opened wide I was full of question but he was ready for that.

-         They both died in the fire. Firemen investigating the scene found traces of gasoline. At first It was thought that it was arson, but an Electronic Diary was found, the data recovered stated clearly that it was suicide. A day after your father’s death your mother decided to end her life as well.

I could say nothing, tears gathered in my eyes. All this for nothing… I couldn’t make my father’s dream come true. In the end I’ve failed.

-         Due the lack of care in your home country the deportation procedures came to a hold and frankly saying, your connections with the “Scarlet Crown” could work in our favor. In other words I’m offering you freedom under surveillance if you’ll work for us.

After a moment of silence I nodded.

-         Now we need your signature on this paper. If you sign it, you belong to us. And if you try to run away there will be no questions asked afterwards.

I nodded and moved closer. I saw the gentle move of his hand moving towards the holster and those piercering eyes of his. I took the pen and signed it.

-         Good.

He said it rather quick, as he expected that. He left the room and TCTF agents came in escorting me to a prison bus. For the first time I saw Japan. All those super skyscrapers, lights, neons, cars, people, commercials. I have never seen anything like it. It was like the sections near the inner city of Moscow. As we drove I watched with Awe. So much technology, droids, data pads and much more. It was so much different from the hole called Wladywostok.

            Following years brought many changes. I was sent to a training facility where I was thought how to handle vehicles, guns, basics of hand to hand combat as well as advanced infiltration techniques.

            When I was seventeen my reports and infiltrations led to the assassination of Ymir Kotashenko which put a permanent end to the “Scarlet Crown”.  Furthermore I managed to gather information on some mysterious force calling itself the “Syndicate”. But those reports were turned down. Later on, their underestimated value led to a tragedy.

            When I turned eighteen I was reassigned from infiltration and gathering information to regular trooper assignments. They even threw me a small birthday party. I had few friends. Mostly coworkers.

            The party was held in the training facility, the same one from which I got my assignments and where I trained. It consisted of six people:

Yatri, demolitions expert. Not the brightest one but when it comes to bringing things down he’s our man. Not too tall, rather wide in the shoulders with muscles that could compete with a bear, his face hmm… Large flat nose, large lips and small eyes. Yatri was more Russian than Japanese.

Shinji, an infiltrator such as myself. We shared a couple of mission in the past. He was much older. He was 24 when I turned eighteen.  Rather tall, average built, he loved to wear military clothing with a sleeveless top. He never talked much but he always was the type who did a lot for his friends.

Yamashita, a sniper. He was the one who delivered the bullet to Ymir. He used to be a Karate Kyokushin sensei, 2nd dan. Very agile, strong but thin built. He had those eyes which just couldn’t stand still. Not to mention that he loved to talk about women which drew our next member crazy.

Kumiko, a woman with a gift for chemistry. She came to our rescue once by determining the poisonous gas and the countermeasure. You should laugh now but she was quite chubby. At her average height she looked a bit like a cylinder. Well she would if it wasn’t for her big breasts. She loved to keep stuff  between them. Mostly some chemical reagents.

Sakamoto, my briefing officer. We was very strict but not cold hearted. He demanded much from every one, even himself. Always on the run, doing something, if not briefings then training the recruits. He was tall, well built from the training. Short brown hair and a stare that was saying “I bite back”. But he was fun to hang around with. He had great stories since he was the oldest. He was like a father to me at some point.

The last person was least expected. When we were sitting on the benches by the table just talking and slicing a small birthday cake special ops agent, Griffin, the same one who interrogated me when I came to Japan as a captive, appeared. He put down an envelope , looked at us and left. There was a moment of silence. I took the envelope and opened it, there were documents inside… Japanese citizenship, a declaration that TCTF dropped the charges and I no longer need to repay my debt as well as invitation to join the force. I was wondering did he act on his own or was there some one else behind this. Till now I keep asking myself that.

Anyway we had a great time. I took a week off. Used the money I earned and borrowed to buy a small apartment in one of the nicer sectors of the city. It was small. Three rooms. Kitchen, bedroom and a toilet. I managed to buy myself a radio and a TV set even. I’ve enjoy that week. I could tour the city, talk to people, visit shops. It was all way much more than the TCTF training base. Soon I began to miss the people, to miss what  I was doing. Besides it was my chance to truly by in the TCTF. I signed up and the black operation team of which head was Griffin made sure that due to my field experience I would be an officer. I commanded a small team of people. Mostly easy clean up or prevention operations.

            When I turned 20 I was moved to special operations, a department under Griffins command. Those were the hard days. Shinji died that year. He was shot in the back by a thug while doing reconnaissance. At his funeral I didn’t cry. None of us did. We carried the grief within ourselves.

            During my service in the special operations team I’ve learnt many dirty stuff about TCTF, many silent actions, harassments and more. But I knew life. It wasn’t all pink that’s why I did my job and kept my mouth shut which seemed to suit Griffin just fine, about two months after the Shinji’s death Griffin was promoted to head Commander of TCTF. From then all things changed. TCTF became a cold blooded organization.

            The sad thing was that the Syndicate of which I reported long time ago grew in power, it was under constant TCTF watch, however it was too well armed and organized for an action. It would have to be cut off then slowly terminated and that’s when I was moved to Black Ops Heavy Duty Team.  The first day I moved, I already had an assignment waiting for me. It sounded simple, get into a secured laboratory, retrieve two containers. That was all.

The compound was heavily guarded and located on an island so the we had to make a drop. It was a night mission, we loaded ourselves, a team of twenty onto one cargo plane. The drop was a hard one, once we jumped out we went under heavy fire. Four died before reaching ground. Once we regrouped we formed a control point so that other standard troops could join us by the sea. Yatri blasted the wall open, now the compound was compromised. The second Black Ops team approached from the other side by sea to take down any flying craft leaving the compound. Indeed one chopper had to be shot down. They didn’t go into the compound. When the standard troops arrived we managed to move in, once inside we went towards the core of the facility where the package was located. We took heavy casualties. Non the less we managed to get in. Inside there was a strange sight. A lab. Indeed. A lot of high tech machinery. A man who held a girl in his arms. Another explosion swpt them of their feet, the standard TCTF  troops arrived. Over the comm. I’ve heard that a stealth plane managed to break through. The mission was partially success. There was just one package. Griffin went on Comm.

-         Do you have the package?

-         Negative. We managed to retrieve only one.

-         Status?

-         We’re mopping up the last few stragglers now.

-         Good. Keep me posted.

-         Sir, we have a couple of scientists and a little girl with them.

-         Hmm.. Bring them to TCTF command center. Be sure no one follows you.

-         Yes sir.

-         Hey you there, what’s your name?

-         My, my name? Oh yes, I’m Kerr., please do whatever you want to me but leave Mai live.

-         Easy there, no one’s getting hurt. Come with us.

He nodded and I ordered a pull back order for all Black Ops. Upon arrival biotech team took all of them. Even being a leader of a Black Ops team didn’t get me answers. A month after I was issued an order to train Mai, now aka “Konoko”. I was instructed to not reveal any element of her past.

      It was odd to meet her. Purple hair, covered in bandages. Small framed but soon I’ve learnt that she was a very fast learner. Within the following years we became a bit of friends. Teacher student like. Some time after she surpassed me and every one else in the art of combat. Melee weapons, guns, hand to hand. Nothing was problem for her. After the training was done, I was 28 by that time she received simple missions, through my connections I even came to know that she was neurolinked to an SLD. An android monitoring her. I didn’t know why. Then there was this one mission where she was sent to a warehouse to recover Doctor Chung, who was our mole in the Syndicate. It triggered and avalanche of events. I had to follow her and do all the cleaning up. She was like a wild beast let loose. We even had to bring down Musashi Manufacturing after she discovered their connection with the syndicate. During her missions Shinatama was kidnapped by Syndicate elite troops including Barabass, a superpowered mutant enchanced with a powered armor. They raided TCTF HQ. It was a massacre, most of our agent’s were in the field, including Griffin himself. It would seem that there was a mole in our place as well. Knoko managed somehow to kill Barabass in a hand to hand fight. Then she left chasing something… I saw her then, furious, crying perhaps. I watched the giant bod of Barabass’ laying dead. It started to rain. Damn. The Syndicate raid was failure in my eyes. No data theft. No nothing, except for poor Shinatama.

      When Griffin came back he was calm but I saw the anger in his eyes. I also saw Konoko covered in blood and with various wounds. She slammed the door to Griffins office and rushed towards the hangar bay. When I talked with Griffin he ordered the retrieval of Shiantama. Before we got ready and arrived at the Atmospheric Processor station, Konoko already made a mess. The place was swarming with dead bodies.  I was terrified, what kind of monster was she? At some point we were ordered an evac since Shinatama was destroyed. Just a lie. I saw the whole thing from above. It was a self destruct sequence. It could only be sent from TCTF command centre, bunker alpha That meant that this was Griffins doing. It was evac time. So I had to pull back. Following this incident an announcement was made. Konoko has become our target. Code red, class B threat. That meant that she was accounted for a small Syndicate battle team.

      I was sitting in the gearing room when the comm. In my helmet had gone mad. There was an unknown hostile in the Secured Data Bank. We were sent immediately. Another team of  Black Ops was already In place. When we arrived the place was a mess and Konoko was chasing Mukade, a high class Syndicate cyborg ninja. This didn’t make any sense.But many of the TCTF trooper laid dead. Among them was Yamashita. He was campin on the roof for when she’d reach an access console. Now  I was angry. Knoko disappeared. No trace whatsoever, only to appear at the guarder prison facility. I was doing guard duty by the door and I could swear no one came in. When the news about her in the compound spread I moved into action, I ordered to use Mercury bows. In the following process Ker Hasegawa died. He took a bullet for Konoko and she jumped into the vats of acid. I saw it with my own eyes. A guard asked me if she’s dead I answered “She has to be”. I was wrong. I did some background research. She was some kind of a secret project. Griffin ordered me to gather the remains of Shinatama and install them into an assault pod. She came, she went through the guards and confronted Griffin. He was beaten up but alive. When we managed to get TCTF back on it’s feet, we pulled back most of our field agents, but it would take too much time and Griffin ordered a frontal attack on the Syndicate Main Compound. It was suicide… Many of us died even before we reached it. It was raining artillery and cyber enchanced troops welcomed us at the gorund. It was hell. Griffin, his bodyguard and me were able to land on the roof of the syndicate compound where Konoko was confronting Muro and his troops. She moved with grace but her each blow was deadly. She piled the bodies high. We dropped in and managed to defeat Muro when something strange happened, a flash and everything exploded. I don’t know for how long I was knocked out. When I woke up it was morning and I  was lucky, the blast threw me far, onto the beach. I saw her then, walking.. Don’t know where. I closed my eyes. The air was different. The comm. Told me that some atmospheric processors were blown up. Thousands of people were dying. The government had to admit that the “wilderness preserve zones” were actually super toxic evolving environments created by pollution. I yelled out, to her, she turned back with tears in her eyes. I remember that sight. She was beautiful… so much different from what I saw on the roof of the compound. A year has passed. I was sent to a hospital with major injuries. I recovered and went back to serve on the force. I refused the proposal to become head commander of TCTF. I preferred  to be in the field. To life I know. I received to all the files and evidence of this incident. Griffin didn’t want Konoko to find about her past. She was implanted wuth a Deodan symbiote and she was made a monster by Griffin who wanted insurance. Yes, Muro, the leader of the Syndycate was her brother. Also implanted with one.  And as this shows, the symbiote was a powerful weapon. Non the less I keep working in the field wondering if I can find her. To find Konoko.

"There are two things that cannot be ignored in life. One is a cannon, the other, a cannon ball." - Commander Patrick "Bombard" Bomba


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Re: A lil story.

I really enjoyed reading your story.  I like how you involved a character from the game and breathed life into him. 

Welcome to Oni Central Forum, I hope you will be a regular member of the forum and share in modding the game.


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Ire Yosuke
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Re: A lil story.

Thanks smile. I'm not much of a modder but I could do story lines and testing.

"There are two things that cannot be ignored in life. One is a cannon, the other, a cannon ball." - Commander Patrick "Bombard" Bomba


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Re: A lil story.

Aw man i wanted to also do story lines... bah ur a better story teller than i am. and ur much older. guess im the youngest here huh?btw im 13 this year. Hey ive got a great idea why dont we tell ppl wad were good at? like what u did and wad guns u used.

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Re: A lil story.

hey were always doing about the tctf,  tctf,  tctf,  tctf,  tctf,  why not syndicate? i mean we always focuz on the police for example and telling why they joined to avenge whomever cuz parents died. why not talk about the syndicate? i mean not all gangsters r bad righto? some have good heart and they just wana have money they do it for the sake of the money. Not for violence not for having girls to sleep tonight right? so why not in Oni2 or maybe in the next chapter im not too sure, we could talk about the syndicate you know? tell about this particular person, a tanker maybe? or a ninja? How his parents were cheif of the police department. ill do a short 1. Dont expect a good one tho =P.

  Dear Diary,
I HATE MY FATHER! WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE SO HARD ON ME. I WAS ONLY TRYING TO HELP THIS OLD LADY WHOS SICK AND NEEDED HELP ON THE STREETS AND HE ACCUSED ME OF SKIPPING SCHOOL. WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIM. i just wish he wwas like other fathers who love their kids, hug them, kiss them. I just wish i was in a normal family, no police no nothing. Ever since he became a police chief, hes been acting weird and just wanting to make sure our family is up to "standard" well i hate it. he always make me look like a bad person. Well ive had it ive finally decided i would run away from home - out of this place.

  Day 2 is probably about how he managed to find the syndicate? and how he rebelled because of his childhood thats how he became one of the syndicate. Probably someone thought of this already sorry if i "copied" from you


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Re: A lil story.

StephanLewis, I hope you realize that Tankers don't have parents, and that Ninjas may or may not be human. tongue

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Re: A lil story.

lol, you're 1.76cm tall Ire >.>

I love the story, how you appear aroundthe story, and i was actually planning on doing thesame thing with my character smile

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