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#1 04/24/09 03:04

Registered: 04/24/09

ONI don't start under WIN XP

Hi there,

i've found my old ONI CD, and i thought, yeah, lets play this nice game...
aww this game won't start.

i've try to ask google... i've try the ONIforXP patch nothing happens...

here my problem.

ONI was installed (German and english! i tryed both)
When i start ONI, my screen fades to black, and nothing (no sound or any other) happens. I Can close ONI via Taskmanager.

I have Windows XP SP3, ATI Radeon 9200... (OMEGA Drivers)
'cause the game is not running, i'm not able to tell you which patch it is (but it uses the Binkw32.dll)

so please, help me

ps: the i    compatibilitymode for win 95, 98 & 2000 as without any success



it starts, when i renamed the intro.bik into intro__.bik at the gamedatafolder.

now i try to play it, lets see if i get any other probs :]

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