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#1 03/04/09 01:03

From: Seattle, WA, USA
Registered: 08/30/07

Oni has a Moddb page!

I finally got around to finish things up with moddb (thanks for reminding me, Iritscen).

Main page
This is where most of the content you guys want to post should be put.

AE page
This is where AE and modded content should be put. Make it related somehow

AE team page
The AE team page. I'll mostly be putting modding tests (bloopers!) here.

Please add content. smile Everytime you do, Oni gets bumped up to the top of the games list, and more people remember how much for the game is.

YES, you can crosspost pictures\videos on here\Youtube.
YES, you can upload some older images.
NO, please do not spam the upload section. Quality over quantity. Luckily, we have both. tongue

Also, here is what happens when we post content:
I created the page a few months ago, a little buzz, but as it was empty, nothing to sustain it. I post an image or two, and BAM 100 visitors. Guys, this is the easiest way to generate lots of interest in Oni.

Iritscen: roll
Iritscen: it's amazing this program even works
Gumby: i know
Iritscen: and that statement applies to my code, not just yours


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