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#1 15/3/07 15:45

From: beyond the veil
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Here's a sort of billboard where I (or anyone concerned about Oni Galore) can place requests for stuff that's more or less badly needed over there.

There'll be no vote for best contribution or anything. The early bird pretty much takes the cake smile
But if a much better contribution becomes available later on, we can always consider upgrading.
That's what a wiki is about. Every part of it is supposed to start "good enough" and work its way up.

Two things I can think of right now:
1) Nice pictures (screenshots or other). If you go to a "Random page" (there's a "button" for that) and feel that the page could do with an illustration (dunno, SLD, ACC, Sturmanderung, anything), make a nice picture and either upload it to the wiki or post it here.
Downsampling to web resolution not required (it's better to upload a larger version and have it thumbnailed at the desired size by the wiki engine).
Don't use überhigh screen resolutions for screenshots, though, because honestly, Oni's original graphics are not worth it.
2) Summaries of Chapters and of the whole storyline. Everything is set up, just "Go" to "Chapters" and see what's needed.
3) A sorta TODO list is also available under "Current events" (that's another button in the navigation box, under the logo). Help yourself.
You don't have to be registered in order to edit a page (but registering is encouraged).
You have to be a registered user in order to upload images.

For (1), for example, a clear exterior view of the Atmospheric Conversion Center would be appreciated. The ACC page doesn't have that yet, but there could be screenshots of a few different parts of the ACC levels (tiers, halls, shafts, stairs, etc) that would give a representative overview of the architecture.
If you favor another building (like TCTF HQ or Regional State Building), just go ahead and create a page for those: they'll contain the storywise background of the building (like, what are the general features and functions of such a building, as far as we can tell) and, again, maybe an overview of the architecture and building parts for the one we see in Oni.
That may look tedious and "useless", sure. Maybe even a single picture (like, a level-load splashscreen) is not necessary. But it would make the wiki look more lively.

As for (2), don't be afraid of making typos or contributing only small pieces at a time: that's how wikis work. If you wish, we may create a "storyline summary" thread here on OCF, where we'd figure out how to say the right things with the fewest words possible.
The most important part would be not to overstate anything, i.e., not to confuse what the player actually sees, reads and does, with the possible interpretations of those "facts", which may differ. Right now, the lack of such a summary is a huge gap on Oni Galore.
That one may also seem tedious, but it's actually a good pretext to replay Oni, while paying attention to what's happening.

I'll be adding links later...

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