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#1 07/18/08 03:07

From: China Haikou
Registered: 02/12/08

Hmm...questions about melee AI~

I have seen this topic :
http://oni.bungie.org/community/forum/v … php?id=588

but I still have many questions...

                            <Position Type="CloseForward" MinRunInDist="0" MaxRunInDist="16" ToleranceRange="2" />
                            <Throw Type="K_Behind" />

that dose the "Weight" mean?
that dose the "Offset" mean?
is the "RepeatDelay" mean the Minimum time for his next time to use this move?
about Flags,some move has no flag,so when AI use that move,the won't stop untill the move is finished?
and about the Position Type,what dose the ToleranceRange mean?

and about the distance and time, what the unit it use?I mean how long is the time "1",how for it the distance "1"?

<Name>Throw_bk_k</Name>,  is the "name" we can change it to any?

and is the Attack Type,Throw Type must be the ones here?


#2 07/18/08 09:07

From: Los Angeles, CA
Registered: 01/13/07

Re: Hmm...questions about melee AI~

Here is detailed info on melee: http://wiki.oni2.net/MELE

For your specific questions, again from the wiki:
Weight: techniques with higher weight are prefered by engine, if more techniques that can be used at one moment; have same weight, engine calls them in order as they are listed in MELE
Offset: unknown
RepeatDelay: repeat delay in frames; after technique is used, it is ignored by engine for this time interval

00 - unknown;
01 - Interruptible; execution of moves in this technique is interrupted (technique is taken by engine as finished) when enemy is outside range, which specified by position move (which has to be first in the series of moves; it is the third parameter of the position moves ) or by maneuver move (again the third parameter).
02 - unknown; maybe "Generous dir", it seems that AI2 can turn around while attacking with technique that has this flag (or correct distance if it is a maneuver).

<Name>: Yes you can change it to whatever you want
Attack and Throw Type: names must use the ones on the Melee Move ID page.

As for the Position parameters, I don't know, sorry.


#3 07/19/08 01:07

From: China Haikou
Registered: 02/12/08

Re: Hmm...questions about melee AI~

OK..thank you smile


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