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#1 6/1/08 18:53

From: beyond the veil
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Glass Bead Game Again

This time, the name of the game is to find stuff related to Oni or its characters/entities in some way or another in the world wide web.
I'm starting with some videos that feature characters reminiscent of Oni's Mai and Mukade, respectively. Oni impressions of sorts... smile

Chloe from Noir as post-Oni Mai, in an AMV set to Perfect Enemy by t.A.T.u.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Slt5Vyv0oEk
Now, Chloe's character in Noir has little to do with Mai, but then the same goes for the lyrics of this AMV: they're not about Chloe.
As a result, until the second chorus, we're pretty much looking at a post-Oni Mai, and developing the themes of pride and apathy.
Just before the second chorus you can see her fighting alongside another character, as a perfect sidecick: also food for thought.

The Alchemist from Vidocq as Mukade, in the trailer song "Hope Vol. 2": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ4VgvLR1Aw
The Alchemist is an androgynous creature with supernatural fighting skills and a mirror mask that steals his enemies' souls.

And here are a few glimpses of Elina Löwensohn from David Lynch's Nadja: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjSSwE7lagI
Here's another I backed up (try to ignore the massive amounts of smoking): http://geyser.oni2.net/video/ElinaSmoking.flv
Elina struck me as a "human Mai" some time after I saw her in Wisdom of Crocodiles (another vampire flick: coincidence?)
In Wisdom of Crocodiles she played a woman of Chinese descent, very convincingly, even though she's totally Rumanian.

As you see, the "related" stuff here is highly subjective, and actually, the more subjective, the better. Please participate smile

EDIT: Oh, and there's this, too: http://wiki.oni2.net/Purple_hair_etc

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