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#1 6/4/18 10:26

From: Portugal
Registered: 14/1/07

Dev mode and PS2

Hi guys,

It was been a while since I have posted something here (more about that soon).

Meanwhile I have come across something interesting, in our wiki it is stated:

However today I found the following Oni's PS2 website:

In there you can see that they have found some memory addresses to access some debug functionality in the game (most of which we already know from the desktop versions).

Also this one caught my attention:

0033B058 00000001    Puts CMD: at the bottom left of the screen. It's unclear what this means.

So in fact seems Developer Mode is also present in the PS2 version.

Did you guys knew about this, has anyone played with it?

I guess it is useless, since you can't type in the PS2 controller? Maybe with the official PS2 keyboard?


#2 6/4/18 11:18

From: NC, USA
Registered: 22/10/07

Re: Dev mode and PS2

Wow, intriguing.  Yes, presumably this would have required a keyboard to use.  Somebody should really look into this and maybe work with the TCRF editors.  By the way, the user who contributed the info to this Oni page also has this in his userspace: https://tcrf.net/User:Punk7890#Oni_2.  The article on Oni for PC is much less impressive: https://tcrf.net/Oni_(Windows).  At least it links to our wiki for more info!

byproducts are fine, but where's the beef?


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