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#1 15/9/17 17:02

Registered: 15/9/17

Mouse lag FIX

I recently updated my monitor from 60Hz to 165Hz and mouse control become very laggy and unresponsive. The problem is that game engine updates user input a not long enough, when you get higher than 60 FPS.
So solution for this is a patching a constant in game executable file, that control delay for input.
This byte must be patched — 53 BA 3C 00 00 00
Change this byte depending of your monitor refresh rate. You can do this using HEX-editor or debugger.
53 BA 4B 00 00 00 — for 75 Hz
53 BA 55 00 00 00 — for 85 Hz
53 BA 78 00 00 00 — for 120 Hz
53 BA 90 00 00 00 — for 144 Hz
53 BA A5 00 00 00 — for 165 Hz
53 BA F0 00 00 00 — for 240 Hz

This helped me alot. After patching this byte I get very smooth mouse input and responsive keyboard input.
Hope this helps to someone else.



#2 15/9/17 17:56

Registered: 29/8/17

Re: Mouse lag FIX

Quite cool, no idea how you discovered this but it will help me out in the future. Good find!


#3 16/9/17 12:46

From: NC, USA
Registered: 22/10/07

Re: Mouse lag FIX

That's quite the clever patch.  Thanks for that info, I'm sure it will benefit some people.

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#4 16/9/17 13:42

From: Poland
Registered: 29/12/10

Re: Mouse lag FIX

That's a nice find - how did you find which byte is responsible? Was it vanilla Oni or Anniversary Edition?

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