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#1 24/11/16 2:38

Registered: 25/9/11

Export animation

Is there some simple way to understand what ONCC contains some animation? For example, I need to export the animation TRAMKONCOMcrouch_kick1 but I can't find her ONCC file to export using OniSplit GUI.


#2 24/11/16 15:50

From: Germany
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: Export animation

There's no easy possibility yet to check if one specific TRAM is used by a certain ONCC.
The opposite is quite easy: open ONCC, open TRAC, look at the TRAM links.

However, you can make a good guess just by looking at the TRAM name, e.g. TRAMKONCOMcrouch_kick1
This tells you it's one of Konoko's animations. If also other characters use this animation depends on the their TRAC usage.
By nesting, elite strikers can use striker run animations.

When you look at the character specific part of the TRAM name, you know that crouch_kick1 is used by konoko if it has KON.

BARAB = barabus
BOMB = mad bomber
COM = comguy
ELI = elite striker
GRIFIN = griffin
KON = konoko (e.g. konoko_generic and k3, k4_)
MUR = muro
MUT = Mutant Muro
NIN = ninja
RED = fury
SHIN = shinatama
STR = striker
TAN = tanker
TCT = TCTF cops (lite or elite or both?)
THU = thugs

So much about the original files.
For other names you probably want to look up the files of the AE package, that is installed.

Any TRAM should be exportable with any ONCC as long as all relevant* files are in the same folder.
Due to that, modders tend to export the level0_Final archive.
If you want to export a custom character you might want to install the AE package first and then export level0_Final.dat

Error messages
Some original TRAC contain missing TRAM links, so Onisplit/GUIs might throw an error message.
The conversion should work nonetheless if the prerequirements are met.

Onisplit GUI Vago
I'm pretty sure it used to work in the past and maybe something broke in recent version.

This happens when i try to export your example TRAM:

Oni Split Error:
-extract:xml "C:/Oni/AE/Tools/VagoGUI/VagoWorkspace/Characters/TRAM ONI - XML_XML & DAE/" "C:/Oni/AE/GameDataFolder/level0_Final/TRAMKONCOMcrouch_kick1.oni" -anim-body:"ONCCkonoko_generic.oni"
Error opening file C:\Oni\AE\Tools\VagoGUI\ONCCkonoko_generic.oni: Could not find file 'C:\Oni\AE\Tools\VagoGUI\ONCCkonoko_generic.oni'.

Intuitively I named only the ONCC file and hoped Vago would look up the correct directory. But it didn't.

In order to make the conversion work with Vago you have to:
1) activate character tab
2) select as "From:" option "TRAM ONI"
3) full path for "Extract with TRBS / ONCC":
"C:/Oni/AE/GameDataFolder/level0_Final/ONCCkonoko_generic.oni" (adapt the path for your system)
4) add the TRAM
5) hit Convert

So, animation export with Vago can be done...

If you have further trouble, show us your error log.
You can also try out the other GUI.

1) Export level0_Final.dat from AE/GameDataFolder
2) Drag and drop ONCC
3) Drag and drop TRAM
4) Convert

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#3 25/11/16 3:45

Registered: 25/9/11

Re: Export animation

Yes I know about the file names. I tried to export animation from the file "ONCCkonoko_generic.oni". And error is "Could not find file" this is exactly what I encountered. And I thought that maybe I have something wrong doing.
Latest utility "Simple OniSplit GUI" excellent exported this animation! Thank you very much for the explanation.


#4 25/11/16 7:21

From: Germany
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: Export animation

Okay, glad it works.


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