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#1 6/12/15 18:58

From: Jamaica
Registered: 25/11/15

Where can I get face textures for custom characters

Where can you get face textures for your custom character? My character was made from combining body parts from Sarai and Hanako but I would like to change to the face so I don't see twins fighting each other in the 4vs4vs4 match I set up in the tctf hq level.


#2 6/12/15 19:35

From: Denmark
Registered: 4/4/07

Re: Where can I get face textures for custom characters

You could create your own textures using software such as Photoshop or GIMP. You could also stitch together textures that others have made. There're really a lot of ways to approach this.

I don't know experienced you are with creating or editing textures, but judging from your enthusiasm I'd suggest you to create your own textures from scratch. If you have the time it's really worth it, and the end result can be much more user defined. smile


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