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#1 27/11/15 18:32

From: Jamaica
Registered: 25/11/15

Troubles with adding character to a level

So I created my character and I can use her with all the custom moves I gave her as I wish, however I wanted to see how it would work as an AI, so I modified a melee profile.oni and a BINACJBOCharacter.oni for the tctf headquarter level. My character spawns well but once she gets in combat, oni crashes. Added some combos to the melee profile (I don't remember that the melee profil file is called),  and add copied one of these:

        <Object Id="8733" Type="CHAR">
               <Position>-112.0837 1486 -2619.775</Position>
               <Rotation>0 171.3265 0</Rotation>
               <Flags>NotInitiallyPresent Omniscient Boss</Flags>
               <Weapon />
                   <Spawn />
                   <Combat />
                   <Alarm />
                   <Hurt />
                   <Defeated />
                   <OutOfAmmo />
                   <NoPath />

And modified to what you see above except for the alert and pursuit because I copied those from RED_HARD_1. So can anyone tell me what I did wrong?


#2 28/11/15 4:29

From: Germany
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: Troubles with adding character to a level

You should make small changes at a time and see where it breaks.

E.g. test your CHAR as Ai with an original MELE id. If it's good continue with a cloned id with only a few changes.

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