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#1 25/11/15 7:07

From: Jamaica
Registered: 25/11/15

New to modding

So I got oni and completed it and installed anniversary edition to install some mods for some fun. After playing around with Hanato, I think that's what she is called, not really sure but she is hayate's partner and the character was created by Samer. Anyway, I've gotten so go at using her already and even came up with some combos of my own (like: back-forward kick, crouch+kick and the punch super move). I decided to try and create some characters on my own too. I have notepad++ and oni split so far, just a modeling tool I have left, and a GUI thing to convert files to oni files. The question is, where can I get the GUI that is used to convert files to oni files?


#2 25/11/15 11:54

From: Germany
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: New to modding

Oni/AE/AEInstaller2.exe > Tools > Manage Tools

After install: Oni/AE/Tools/VagoGUI/Vago.exe


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