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#1 14/7/14 19:42

From: St. James, Jamaica
Registered: 14/7/14

New character projects (may be a little long)

Two characters I've been planning make:

Rogue (formerly named "Mischievous")

Rogue as explained before on the Facebook group, is a female enemy character (by combining a Fury body, female cop head with modified hair and different face, white outfit and grey armor, one model with black hair and one with blonde, and new shoes big_smile ). She has a slightly higher speed and health than that of a Fury. Her super moves Stunner Punch (formerly Dizzy punch) is what to make note of, no need to describe it because the name speaks for itself. as well as the Crabhammer Kick (I always wanted to create a move with that name) which is when she rises one of her leg in the air for 2 secs then slams it down on you. its slow, but unblockable and takes a decent amount of health, and the familiar Whirlkick for counters. Did i mention that I wanted to appear in pairs.

Hunter is a big (the size of an Elite), slow, heavily armored and powerful. His super moves are Knock Out/K.O. Punch which is slow and can be interrupted but very strong and unblockable, Gravity Stomp and the familiar Striker Headbutt

I am will to work on these two characters after my PC is repaired, in the mean time I will look for some tutorials that can help me bring these characters to life. One question though, the VDA pistol particle, is it possible to add it to attacks to stun opponents?


#2 29/7/14 20:00

From: Lebanon
Registered: 4/9/09

Re: New character projects (may be a little long)

Hey dc .. have you made any progress with your rogue character ? I can help you with the model and textures if you like, you could draw me a sketch and I can try to assemble the model to give you a basis that you can later modify and tweak.

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