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#1 03/15/14 22:03

From: NC, USA
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Knockdown Revamp has become Disarm Revamp and Domino Knockdowns

Over the last few days, I've been converting an old mod made by Loser to the new XML patch format.  This was 53000 Knockdown Revamp, which came bundled with the 2009 and 2010 AE.  There was overlap between files in this mod and in Glass-Breaking Moves, so making it an XML patch allows the mods to be stacked on top of each other instead of overwriting each other.  I also felt that the mod, which changed both the disarming mechanic and the effect of knockdowns and blownups, needed to be broken into two mods.  The only reason it was together was probably that the two effects of the mod itself overlapped in some knockdown animation files, but patching allows them to be separated.

So I moved the disarm modification to 53000 Disarm Revamp and the knockdown modification to 41000 Domino Knockdowns.  Please test these out, separately or together, and let me know if you find any issues.  A refresher as to what they do:
A. Disarm Revamp makes it harder for characters to be disarmed.  The vanilla mechanic is a bit cheap; the slightest cause for falling down causes you and the AIs to drop their weapons.  Now, if someone is knocked down from the front, they hold onto their weapon.  Knockdowns from the back, and all throws, still disarm.  The real reason for this mod was to try out an interesting idea that we stumbled across by accident: what if you were allowed to aim your weapon while laying on your back?

The answer is "fallen shooting", as we called it at one time.  You can only do this with a pistol; you can also unholster a pistol while laying on your back.  Aiming should work as it does while you're standing, making it easy to surprise an opponent with a burst of short range gunfire.  However, the risk is that instead of getting up quickly, you leave yourself open to a ground attack.  If someone is hit while on the ground, they do lose their weapon.

The AI, unfortunately, does not know it can shoot while laying down, so only humans can perform fallen shooting, but I think the change in the disarm behavior is also a nice little gift for the AIs as, unlike the human player, they don't consider when it's smart to holster their weapon, so they are much more frequently the victim of the original disarm mechanic.

I made a slight adjustment to this mod from the 2010 version, which is that leg sweeps from the front no longer disarm a character, in order to widen the effect of the mod a bit more.
B. Domino Knockdowns simply causes falling characters to strike other characters.  Bungie West chose to leave this out of Oni even though thrown characters do strike others.  This simply extends the "thrown" effect to all knocked-down or blown-up characters.  Depending on when in the animation a collision occurs, damage and physical effect varies.  If a falling male character strikes another near the top of his fall, he will do 8HP of knockdown damage, but if he lands at the feet of another enemy he will only do 5HP of staggering damage.  A blown-up male will do 10HP knockdown damage for most of his flight, but only 5HP staggering damage at the end.  A falling female will do 5HP damage with no physical effect, but when blown up, will have the same effects as a blown-up male.  These are the mechanics determined by Loser; I simply translated them to XML.

Known bugs: Turning on fistsoflegend while using Domino Knockdowns will knock down your own character when performing anything higher than a low attack against an enemy (if he does not block it).  As I imagine practically no one uses fistsoflegend, I have decided not to worry about this, although if anyone knows how to fix it, I'm all ears.

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