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#1 7/12/13 14:23

From: Lebanon
Registered: 4/9/09

XSI saving issues.

First I have never been able to save a scene in XSI... whenever I do and then reopen the saved file, XSI shows a dialogue box saying: "Failed to save scene before system failure" and then crashes. so most often I save the files as dae so I'm able to continue my work later. However even when i save as dae sometimes when I reload that dae I get the same error message and XSI crashes and I have to start over with all my work, which makes it very time consuming and frustrating.
can someone take a look at this dae that i was working on in XSI and maybe help figure out why it gives me that error message when I load it into XSI ?
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/226 … utside.zip

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#2 7/12/13 16:19

From: Los Angeles, CA
Registered: 13/1/07

Re: XSI saving issues.

I got the same error with the file, then I converted it to fbx and was able to open it in XSI.

I wonder why you have never been able to save a scene file in XSI.  Could it be a permissions issue?  Or are you trying to save the scene to a specific folder?  It seems XSI wants to the scenes to be saved in a default folder, anywhere else you get an error message "invalid project location"


#3 7/12/13 19:47

From: Germany
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: XSI saving issues.

Comparing your original dae and reconverted dae, I think it has something to do how you apply/save materials/textures and maybe also the shader.

When you have the render tree [7] open, on the left side, switch from Favorites to All Nodes. Choose Phong instead of Lambert.
Then reconnect your image to Phong and Phong to the material.
Maybe test this with just one object and export to see whether it's working or not.
(I don't know how you got to Lambert in the first place, so there might be a better way to avoid it.)

When you save your dae, try this options:

Selection Only				[ ]
Materials				[x]
Image Clips				[x]
Used Materials and Image Clips Only	[x]
Animation				[ ]
Export XSI Extra			[ ]

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#4 8/12/13 6:14

From: Germany
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: XSI saving issues.

Scenes (*.exp) are supposed to be saved in project folders.

Valid default locations (including subfolders):

If you want to create an own project, try this:

File > New Project
  Project Name: Xsi_Oni_Projects
  Location: C:\Users\Samer\Desktop
In this example, this will create a bunch of other folder inside Xsi_Oni_Projects including a hidden system folder.

(Unhide folders on Win7, Win8)
Copy the hidden system folder from any project to a new location.


The system folder is a hidden folder contained in every Softimage project.
Any folder that contains a system folder, with a dsprojectinfo file in the system folder, is recognized as a valid project by Softimage.


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