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#1 01/30/13 22:01

From: Russia
Registered: 12/04/11

Looking for possible voice-actors for an audio version of a fanfic

Hey guys, I'm looking for possible voice-actors for a potential audio version of one of the fanfics I and one of my friends have been writing to try and help boost it's popularity. I don't need glorious voices and I can't exactly pick and choose since I don't have much of a pool yet beyond two other people right now, so I'll take anyone who looks useful who's interested. If you're interested and have a good mic (And/or can apply good noise-removal to any mic static via Audacity) just post up a voice-sample of yourself (Around five seconds to 10 seconds is a good length) here using Soundcloud and I'll contact you further if I see something I can use.

And on another note, And Ever We Fight On is not canceled or over, just on a slight break while I get some more motivation and inspiration. It's not going to die anytime soon, just taking a breather so it doesn't get fatigued and start to have a quality decline. In Lord Newell's words, it's better to be late and great than on time and horrible. Also, if anyone's interested in reading what I've posted of this new fanfic me and a friend who shall remain anonymous have been writing, the first three chapters are up here: (http://valkyria-chronicles.deviantart.c … 5#/d5sei8s) with the next three coming soon.

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