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#1 11/06/12 20:11

From: OH, USA
Registered: 06/08/08

Oni Demo lags?

I just recently downloaded the Oni demo and placed the Daodan.dll in the Oni main folder and got it working fine. The problem I'm having is when I put the game on full screen resolution the game seems to be not wanting to work well with me. The game loads and works fine is all. I just want to know why the demo is lagging. I have a quad-core PC and it should be fine during gameplay. But for some reason when I move Konoko around and all that, the game lags a tad bit. If anyone can help me can you help me solve the problem? I want to be able to get this fixed when ever I buy the full version of the game. Thanks. smile I'm on Windows 7 btw. And I have a wide screen monitor... Don't know if its the monitor or the ram that's causing it to lag. Any help would appreciate it. smile

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