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#1 22/9/07 11:40

Registered: 22/9/07

Sound troubles.

Alright, so, recently I decided to dig out Oni and play it. I of course, got the traditional "Blam, Oni crashed" until I downloaded and installed the XP-compatible version of Oni.

So now it runs, perfectly, aside from the the fact that there's no sound. I've cranked in-game sound, the computer's sound, and I know my sound works fine as my other games have sound, but not Oni.

Any ideas as to the problem and/or solution?

Edit: Actually, nvm. Earlier I had been testing to see if compatibility mode would enable me to run Oni (before I got the Xp-compatible version). I, er, forget to turn that off. Which apparently makes my sound now work. Cool.

Mods can lock/delete/do whatever with this thread. Problem solved.

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