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#1 30/10/11 7:10

From: somewhere in da Czech Republic
Registered: 14/1/07

Batman: Arkham City

Hi guys (and one gal),
Batman is out for consoles, we PC guys have to wait. Is there anybody who played it? How do you view the game and its gameplay?

For me it seems Rocksteady did heck a good job. They have learnt from the mistake(s) they did in Batman:AA and gave enemies more options how to hurt Batman. Also more enemies can attack Batman at the same time. Gadgets and combat elements don't have to be upgraded by player if she/he chooses not to, so the game can get pretty challenging, especially on New Game Plus (extra level of difficulty).

There are only two downsides which are bothering me.
1) Lousy A.I. in stealth parts, where enemies again refuse to see Batman right under their noses and in case they see him they forget pretty quickly.
2) Quite easy boss fights. I acknowledge this is not Devil May Cry, but especially Ra's Al "Susanoo" Ghul is too easy to defeaet, given how powerful he looks.

So, what are your opnions?

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#2 30/10/11 7:40

From: NC, USA
Registered: 22/10/07

Re: Batman: Arkham City

Well, Arkham Asylum is almost out on the Mac, so when that comes out I can let you know what I think.  As for Arkham City, give me another two years ^_^

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#3 30/10/11 8:03

Registered: 29/10/11

Re: Batman: Arkham City

It is very good.


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