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#1 08/22/11 15:08

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Blender and question

I'm not sure that this topic goes here, if not please move it...

Did anyone of you people tried to make something in Blender? It is very powerfull and free 3D modelling, animating and rendering (etc.) software.
I secceed to import Konoko's TRBS in it. If someone of you is interested in it maybe he can do things in it. Maybe a remake of a whole game. Blender can be used as a 3D game engine. I would like to see something good made in it. smile

I have a question...
Is it possible to make a model that has one part (whole body) and the bones for animation (counts as 19 parts) and import it to Oni. It would be 20 parts but It would change the style of Oni models and animations. It would look better. I don't know who made this, but Paradox put that on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UuesYUvyAk
It is an example of 20 part TRBS in imported in Oni, but it still needs some modding...

So, what do you say? smile

Sorry for my English hmm

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