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#1 31/7/11 7:22

Registered: 13/6/11

Add Yellow Objective Particle (floor)

hello today's i've see that in the oni particle files (roof level) (just unpack the level you want) you can see the XML like this:
<Object Id="10104" Type="PART">
- <Header>
  <Position>1613.44019 330.4969 -2383.98633</Position>
  <Rotation>0 0 0</Rotation>
- <OSD>
- <Decal>
you can see Flag 1; <Position>1613.44019 330.4969 -2383.98633</Position> position you want with the Debugged Characters,and the Tag "obj_zip" for try it in-game it's very intersting because now i know how to place it and with that we can trigger some action ^^ and animation,or eventually an event with a music. i hope have help someone xDD see u later i go extract the Roof Level and A big modification comes. Ps: I don't know if we Can Convert Unreal Engine Level Into oni !! ?? if we can pretty good ^^

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#2 31/7/11 7:24

Registered: 13/6/11

Re: Add Yellow Objective Particle (floor)

flag is the ID to teleport a character or move a npc's on it like chr_teleport 0 1
Oh !,sorry if it's not on the good forum....

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#3 31/7/11 8:56


Re: Add Yellow Objective Particle (floor)

What is this, what are you doing man, seriously what's this man what are you doing ofcource you can use this forum as your modification dump.

#4 31/7/11 9:01

From: NC, USA
Registered: 22/10/07

Re: Add Yellow Objective Particle (floor)

I think he's just giving us a tutorial on how to add the particle.  Which is nice, although this should be in Modifications, not General Discussion smile

byproducts are fine, but where's the beef?


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