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#1 9/8/07 18:42

Registered: 27/7/07

Question for you great minds out there...

Now I really enjoy Oni but you all agree that we all like other games I personally enjoy the hitman series, max payne series, yuri's revenge ( with some mods to make it better) And I was wondering is it possible to make a multiplayer option for hitman 2? Imagine this two-four players are swaped, they don't look like 47 beacuse he's too eyecatching, and they have the same objective to eliminate the target on that mission, and whoever has less negative points on there scoreboard wins.... and two of the players or one can be a guard that protects the target from the other players... i'm thinking of a server and people create rooms to play in like in Kaillera for M.A.M.E if you know what that is.... so please can this be done?????? By the way I meant connect using direct IP I think that is the easiest sollution. This is adressed to all you modders out there geyser, your mom, script10k and so on....

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