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#1 11/12/09 14:04

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The impossible Baralas?

Hello folks!

While I have only briefly passed by here before, I've been familiar with Oni for a few years already. Today I somehow found something new and not entirely pleasant. I'm playing Oni with the Titan mode package, I started from the beginning of the TCTF regional HQ level and worked my way to the end. After the helicopter flew away in that cutscene, the fun started..Barabas had spawned without his big gun and started smacking me during the cutscene lol. He was a lot more efficient fighter than usual, doing 3 kicks in a row, 2 earthquakes one after another - almost every time, or doing a special move - whirlwind fists, the same as the elite strikers' move - immediately after getting up - EVERY time. Worst of all, he could regenerate from orange to unharmed green within half a second. Now, if this was my first time doing this battle in Titan mode I might have thought it normal, even if a bit overpowered. However, I've played Oni with that exact script, and no other, a few months ago, I even played the same battle a couple of days ago and Barabas was as lame as always. I reloaded the fight 3 times and, while he spawned with the gun those times, every time he was a bit away from it, he became the aforementioned overpowering melee machine. And if I happened to get him down to orange, he was back to green within half a second. I just checked and the first battle with Barabas had nothing in common with that, except that he'd *occasionally* do 2 earthquakes in a row, and that his standing up animation is funny, as if he's trying to do the whirlwind fists but can not.

I don't have any scripting knowledge so I haven't changed any scripts. Any idea what could cause him to become such a kickass fighter all of a sudden? He wouldn't impossible in this fight if not for the ridiculously quick regeneration..

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#2 11/12/09 15:04

From: Portugal
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Re: The impossible Baralas?

Yes that battle happens because of titan mode. I wrote it.

There are some differences in titan mode from the original without be the 3x enemies.

All bosses in titan mode 1.5 have their skills updated to be more difficulty... Well I tried with I got.

If you want to restore the original scripts, just download this, extract it to somewhere, select the oni folder and click in "restore original scripts".

If you don't have Java installed or you don't want to download that program just download the original scripts and override the existing ones in your igmd folder.

P.S. Win the battle is possible yes, I have beat the entire titan mode before released it. (without respawn)

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#3 11/12/09 20:46

From: Singapore
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Re: The impossible Baralas?

Lol thats sounds so cool ^^


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