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#1 29/5/07 18:57

From: Ottawa, Ontario - Canada
Registered: 29/5/07

Deathmatch Script

K, I've been watching the Deathmatch videos on YouTube and they are pretty kool. The problem is... I CANT FIND WHERE TO DOWNLOAD IT!!!! could someone help me out?? roll plzzzzzzz

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#2 29/5/07 19:12

From: beyond the veil
Registered: 14/1/07

Re: Deathmatch Script

New releases (powered by the new Daodan DLL and binary mods) coming soon smile

Meanwhile, check out edt.oni2.net for Mac-compatible versions.
Also search the forum and wiki for OTA (Oni Team Arena).
There haven't been any big releases since the forum moved.
So the previous forum is where you'll find the most related threads.

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