Age: 29

Born in: Texas

Favourite Manga or Anime: None really

Favourite music: Alternative

Harry: Many people have been asking this: networking through a LAN is possible now, what about Internet gameplay? How possible could that be?

Kevin: (smiling) I do not know if I'm allowed to comment. (calling for Brent) What kinda comments can I make about Internet gameplay?

Brent: We'll be making an announcement soon.

Harry: Alright. OK, so when you're playing netgames, what kinda games can you play? Co-operative, deathmatch...

Kevin: At current time we have deathmatch. We do have the desire to add other things, you know, capture the flag or other wild stuff we can think of. It's just a matter of what we can do with the time we have. There hasn't been any suggestions to do anything but deathmatch at this point.

Harry: I asked Matt Soell from Bungie East some time ago what characters you can play in the netgames, and he said all of them. Is that true?

Kevin: Currently yeah, we have all the characters available.

Harry: Except for the mechs...

Kevin: Yeah. Right now everyone is available. The real question would be will that be the case, all the characters come in variations - they're all the same characters, multiple numbers of strikers; camouflaged, red etc. So it's the different colour skins or class. Whether you'll be able to play the Iron Demon [Mech] or Shinatama is really something we'll have to decide as we go along, cause those characters may only be used for very specialised times. They wouldn't be very fun to play, but the other characters are available.

Harry: I'm speculating here, but Oni might have "cheat codes" in the game, but will those "cheat codes" be available during netgames?

Kevin: No idea, sorry...

Harry: Would be last minute, huh?

Kevin: Well, it wouldn't be last minute, but if we even have them in there they may be disabled, whatever programmer's shortcut we have right now that would be considered as "cheat codes" would probably be turned off.

Harry: Too bad you can't answer any questions about the Internet play, but an announcement will be out soon that it could be possible...

Kevin: I would not look forward to it for another month at least. We defiantly want to [play Internet Oni], but the question is how good of an experience will it be. If you're playing and you're seeing other players hop from location to location, that's not very fun. That's a defiant priority for us, to make Internet play as fun as LAN play.

Harry: In a LAN game, how many people can join in and compete against each other? What's the maximum number of players in a LAN game?

Kevin: We haven't investigated that at this point, so far we were able to run quite a number, that was before E3 [1999] and since then I rewrote the networking and it worked well at MacWorld. But we haven't done enough testing over the internet if it is going to be useful.

OK OK, one last shot, Kevin! :)